Saturday, July 31, 2010

Unrelated Post Name

I have come to the realization that most of our posts have nothing to do with what we are actually talking about. Just a strange point I thought I would throw out there. Anywho, its that time of week again where I get to make a post. Its Saturday night! one night of complete awesomeness. Next is senior girls, and I can assure you it will be well....interesting to say the least. Most of these girls are somewhere in the 12-14 area and "boys" have just gone from being icky to being the main point of their attention. This as always, spells bad news for us male workers. However, having to be nearly invisible at all times makes for some good fun. Either way I'm not working kitchen, so that means more free time and more importantly more sleep time :).

Anyway, enough about my life. So many people are traveling these days I figured I should do something helpful. So what better way than by telling them some very important laws, that we may not have here in Ontario.

law#1 In Tennessee, it is against the law to drive while sleeping.

law#2 In California, it is illegal for a woman to drive a car while in a housecoat.

law#3 In West Virginia, it is only lawful for a baby to ride in a stroller.

law#4 In Florida it is against the law to put livestock on a school bus.

law#5 In Washington State, it is illegal to carry a concealed weapon that is more than six feet in length.

and a special law for all you couples out there: In Utah, daylight must be visible between dancing couples.

1+1 = ?


Shaking Things Up


On my missions trip almost every night we debated something in relation to the bible. One of the hardest and most confusing topics was Predestination Vs. Freewill.

By predestination, we go by the definition that an individual does not make their own decisions, big or small, but that every decision is already decided upon whether by spiritual or cosmic forces. Predestination is not solely a Christian doctrine, but it is most often associated with Calvinism. There are many other denominations and theologians who believe in the doctrine of predestination, or the reformed doctrine of predestination, but it is often associated with Calvinistic schools of thought.

In order to fulfill His prophecies, God must predestine history to a certain degree. The Bible clearly indicates that God predestined redemptive history, specifically, the coming of the Messiah. Jesus clearly indicated that His coming was planned, including His death:
But He said to them, "I must preach the kingdom of God to the other cities also, for I was sent for this purpose." (Luke 4:43)
"Now My soul has become troubled; and what shall I say, 'Father, save Me from this hour'? But for this purpose I came to this hour. (John 12:27)

Free will is the theological idea that all actions by individuals are not controlled or forcefully coerced by a Deity or higher power, but that individuals have the right to choose right or wrong and make every day choices in the direction their path will take (although this doesn't mean that the decisions can't be heavily influenced). The Christian philosophy of free will is often also referred to as Arminianism, based on the thoughts and writings of Jacobus Arminius, a 16th and 17th century Dutch pastor and theologian. This is not a completely correct assumption, as Calvinism and Arminianism have a lot in common, but disagree mainly over predestination and free will.

It's probably one of the most confusing issues ever.. No joke.

Tropical Bloggism

I need a hero!

He's gotta be strong and he's gotta be fast and he's gotta be braced
for the fight-what? I'm blogging right n-oh!


Hey everyone! I'm in Hawaii and apperantly so is Bonnie Tyler...

So three days ago (yesterday's yesterday's yesterday) we had some tropical fun. We
went SNORKELLING*!!! We went to where there was a large wall of rocks
to break the waves. It was still quite wavy though...any who, we went
snorkelling there and saw many colourful fishies <3.

I suck at using flippers.

We went for dinner at this amazing resteraunt. Not amazing for its
swankiness (for it was quite shabby in actuallity), but for its food
quantity and quality! We ordered our meals (I had Wor Won Ton Mein)
and within 5 minutes, a MASSIVE bowl of soup arrived (along with all
of my family's orders but that doesn't matter). Spectacular soup.

Chopsticks can give you your TONGUE!!!

There are chickens everywhere. Hundreds of them. Entire chicken
families. Silly flightless birds. Its impossible to go hungry hear.
Just kill yourself a chicken. Nom nom nom.

One gets attatched to common farm birds.

Tomorrow's yesterday's yesterday's yesterday we lazed about at the hotel. Watched
TV, went swimming, found WiFi in the lobby, went swimming, had supper
(pizza hut), watched TV, slept. It was amazing. This entire place is
gorgeous. Pictures will be editted into this post.

A professional standard Macbook Pro would cost me $2, iMac
will cost me $2,888...a Mac Desktop will cost me $13,000. But I'd have
8TB of internal hardrive space.

Well I'm off to an unpronounceable Hawaiian village!

Hey look! Its the Pacific Ocean!

Cheese Burger Flavoured Doritoes


That's whats comforting me... The fact that someone stole my million dollar idea and made money off of it... I thought of it first.

They taste really strange... It's not like any cheeseburger its like exactly a mcdonalds cheeseburger.

As I lie in bed i'm awaiting for our departure to Ottawa, I just got home a mere 30 minutes ago... This post will be short.

Jesus Loves you and you should never forget that, don't get caught up in the theology of it all and forget how far the east is from the west. Don't plan your life out because thats not the way God wants it. Faith goes alot farther than you think. Don't spend all your time studying the bible, I mean God's word is great, but if there's never time for evangelism or teaching where's it all going to go? The whole worlds a mission, be compelled to love.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Copious Quantities of Starcraft is Good for the Kidneys!

En Taro Tassadar, blog people!

I am in no way addicted to Star Craft.
I am MOST CERTAINLY NOT looking forward to getting off work tonight and playing it all weekend. I am also not obsessed with any thoughts of it's gameplay, and I certainly did not dream about it last night.
The rumors of my marriage proposal to the game's box is also false. Not to mention troubling.

Now with that out of the way, lets broach another topic:

School! Moving out of home! Being around other living beings all day, and being separated from my Computer for many hours at a time. (Thankfully, I will still have Timothy!)
How am I going to put up with it? Will I survive? And is Robert Pankiew actually a Cyborg?
All of these things are a mystery.
My schedule is looking pretty harsh at any rate. Wednesdays I'll be at the university from 10 AM to 10 PM.... But on the Flipside, I get Friday off!  I might just use that time to play Star Craft! Or Not do homework! Anything like that I suppose.

What really worries me though is the social side of it all. It's no big secret that I don't like crowds. Or just people, really. If I interact with most people, I feel frustrated, end of story. So being put into this more mature environment where I might not be able to just get away with scaring people off intentionally... It's a bit unnerving.
I suppose the same strategies apply: Keep to myself, keep to my work, stay busy.

Living on my own? That's another big one.
I'll be at my older brother's place, sure... But with the amount of time he's with his Girlfriend I may as well be living on my own.
Am I supposed to take care of myself then? How do I do that? Do I need to cook? Or clean? ARGHHH.

If you'll excuse me, i'm off to invent robot servants to do all that for me.
Later all!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Delta Will Arise Dead

Delta airlines.

We hate you so.

We will devour your children with much ferocity and prejudice.

If you have kittens, we will devour them too.

Here is the long unpleasent story.

Day 1: Woke up at 5, got ready, drove to the airport for our 9:15 flight. After Delta boards late, we then sit on the tarmac for an hour due to "mechanical issues". We finally get on our way! A nice hour and a half hop over to Mineapolis where due to Delta's earlier incompetance we miss our connection to Honolulu. We wait for many hours in Mineapolis and finally get a flight to Seattle. It gets delayed 2 hours. Now we are in Seattle and its very nice but haven't eaten anything but peanuts since 5.


We then purchase cheese fries and chili dogs...thats actually pretty good. So we fly to Honolulu on a 6 hour flight. Saw an amazing delayed sun set. Watched "The Office". I didn't sleep unlike the rest of my family. And landed in Honolulu after seeing the moon reflecting on the Pacific Ocean. It is now 12:30 Honolulu time. AKA, 5:30 human time. We have been travelling for 24 hours and we despise Delta. We now live in the airport for an hour trying to get some restitution. After a few employees blow us off saying sorry we screwed up your entire day and cost you $500 but there's nothing Delta can do, a manager came and vetoed what her underlings had said and actually helped. It was amazing. A Delta employee was helpful.

Day 2: We rush to the airport to catch our plane to the next island. We make it but William is a bit sick. We arrive! It is a happy occasion.

Now we are in Lihue. A small town on the island of Kauai. We are staying in a hotel with a gorgeous view of the ocean and the hills and the palm tree. There is WiFi in the lobby. There is a spectacular pool. There is snorkelling in the ocean. Good foods.

Well there you are.

Delta must die.

We will flay them.

We will eat their souls.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Better than even the most delicious cakes: Polls

 Hello again! May I humbly present to you all the very fashionably late episode of Polls! I'm your host Mike Daoust, and you sir, are READY TO LEARN YERSELF SOME STUFF.

So what exciting results did we get from last weeks exploration of truth? What quintessential principles can we gather from the numbers and statistics? What is Pi? In short: Here's the results:

What makes Harveys so good?

The food is blessed by an In-House Shaman
2 Votes (15%)
The burgers being made from 86% Unicorn meat
6 Votes (46%)
The Holy Flames they use to grill
3 Votes (23%)
The stench of Capitalism and cheap Low-Grade ingredients
2 Votes (15%)

And the conclusions:

  • Not enough people really understand how endangered Unicorns are. Tell me, when was the last time YOU saw one? Hmmm? It's companies like Harveys that are driving them to extinction!
  • Shamans get no respect for their work. How would you like to be paid minimum wage to sit around and seek the animal spirit's blessing on each and every burger that gets ordered?
  • Random fact: Harveys is good.

Stay tuned for next week where we take a deep look at what really makes Joel who he is.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Scare Tactics!


Scare tactics work...  Let me give you a hypothetical situation to prove this. lets just say You have this hypothetical blogger who never makes any hypothetical blog posts. So you kick said hypothetical Bloggers off the hypothetical Blog for a while then make them hypotheticaly beg to come back and then they seem to post more often hypothetical, It's like MAGIC! Yay For hypothetical Magic!

Above is a picture of one of the Best cabins EVER!

Well this is the second day of Family Camp 2 and it Isn't as interesting as Family Camp 1 but it has still been a good time. On the down side there are to many old people here at Family 2 on the Up side there are no stalkers. So far this week we have done quite a bit of work. We built some shelfs(Some very sexy shelfs), we cut some brush, we've leveled some ground, cut some grass, and got a few wasp stings. And we still have a bunch of work to do before the end of this week, and we have to get it done before the end of this week only because this is the last week I work maintenance this summer. 

Next week I get the week off. This is a wonderful thing. I have a lot of sleep to catch up on and lots of gymming to do, and I ran out of body wash so I need some more, for the time being I am stealing body wash from who ever leaves theirs in the shower.

Well I think it is about time to play some Zelda!

Yay For Emulators!

Nolan Out!

The continuing adventures of a geek

Hello loyal fan base of internet peoples! While I am still struggling with the concept that you may actually exist and be out there reading all of what I type on this blog... I still feel that I owe you some kind of update, Even if you are nothing more than the product of my imagination.

So last weekend I was dead enough to not even really make much progress on Moonlaser, which is sad because I was hoping to get some ways into Act2 before Nolan and the rest got back from camp. But between the hours I work and a sudden cold/allergy attack that plagued me Sunday, I just didn't get very far at all.

Then my old friend Travis Verch and school chums Talon and James decide that we need to celebrate the launch of StarCraft2 by having an all nighter playing StarCraft 1. Then around 6 in the morning we drove over to future shop and camped out till they opened, and made a beeline for the game. We ended up buying like 5 copies.

So yeah, then I went to Laurentian and got some orientation and a new shiny Student Card! And now I am telling you all this from Timothy whilst being half asleep and waiting for a ride. also, I am beside a statue of Ghandi. And he creeps me out every time I turn.


5:40 AM and I'm eating a muffin. What is this world coming to.

Hello folks, we're just about to head out to the Toronto airport for our 9:15 flight. It will be a nice drive with lots of road and a 100% chance of overpass. There's an omen of train on the horizon but I think it'll pass by 6:00.

Today is the day. The day where we land on foreign beaches where natives hand us flower necklaces and tell us enthusiastically "Aloha! Enjoy Hawaii! Tikua means 'Watch out! Lava!'!"

Or maybe not...

The worries of a long vacation are many. Worries such as my current "Will the new customer on my paper route think less of me because I left for a two week vacation the day he started". That's a popular one, I'm told.

I type and I type but there's so little words. Well...I suppose there are many words. Words like phantasmagorical or inconceivable or carp.

Did you know that fancy Koi ponds filled with majestic Koi fish swimming around in mysterious oriental Koi patterns can also be known as holes in the ground where bottom feeders swim around. Gotta go! Koi = Carp

Monday, July 26, 2010

Leg 1 - Travel by Limbs?

Nathanael Martin is currently at his grandparents house, blogging away, preparing for the next step. Toronto.

Toronto - Minneapolis - Hawaii <3

Here's the plan. I will make attempts to blog every day while on Hawaii. I will either succeed or miss every single day due to lack of internet. Hmm...

Unless I conscript the father figure into sending a pre-written wall of text to Mr. Daoust every day when goes to the workplace.


To take care of other matters...

NOLAN. I need your face. You know what I mean.
BEN. I need you to imitate Bruce Lee's most famous of leg motions.
MIKE. I need you to buy me a copy of Starcraft 2. Now.
JOEL. I need you to shave that beard, hairy man.

I finally found the perfect Ninja pose. Shame there's no scanner in Hawaii...

Inkscape will do for now but it is faulty and I will eat my internal organs soon if I do not get it replaced with ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR CS5 (so beautiful...)!

Someone in Manitoba flew a plane into the ground. The ground is so big! How do you not see that coming?

Highly amusing game: Void Hunters. It's on You build a ship to destroy other ships. Hee hee. Example: A wall of armour on one side, a wall of fighter bays on the other. Boom.


The claws of a dog make funny skittering noises when the dog runs on a hard floor. Also, they make funny skittering noises when the dog has been struck by a falling orangutaun. Happy face.

Manly facial hair. Face with half closed eyes and a lopsided shine tooth smile.

Everyone who reads this vote: Fail

DO IT! Really! I need to take constant samples of the reading environment. K?

Also, if you don't do it, I get murdered in my sleep by a group of anti-fail activists wielding pork rinds and toothpaste. Again.

After much randomness I would like to say that all of you who read this blog thing are either A) Insane B) Stupid C) Awesome or D) People with no lives who need to really do something with their time like go play football with a young sibling or donate to a charity that helps blind orphan amputees.

*Acknowledging nod*

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Blogging is a Diary That Everyone Can Read

SO I'm in Kuujjuraapik possibly on the slowest computer and internet known to man... The week so far has been really great! We conquered the 13 hour trip in 14 hours on thursday and then stayed in the James Bay Motel. Fancy place... The owner tricked us into thinking there was no TV or water when there actually was.. So I told him I took a big dump in the closet the next morning.

Currently the boys are staying in a room above the triple gymnasium and the girls are staying in the mission house. We had our first VBS day yesterday in the gym with about 35 kids. It was alot of fun and we got to play with a huge parachute. Baha

So everynight we get a sauna because we're staying in the gym, but yesterday I locked our keys in the weight room while I was getting a drink... HUGE mistake.. We were all heading out to find the owner of the gym to get the second set of keys but just before we left Jesse picked the lock and we got in!

Don't worry about missing out on the trip because me and Jesse have been video blogging and pretty much filming every single thing that happens, so every day next week i'll be posting a video of what we did that day, except for today it's our only day off.

Anyway I have to go but I'll try to keep you updated but its hard because I'm really busy and there's alot of people on the computer during our time off.

Humble Apologies

Dearest Readers (and the other ones too),

I humbly apologize for not posting yesterday. I shall give you the whole story. Kind of. I'll leave out the really boring stuff.


Date: Saturday, July 25th, 2010
Time: 11:42
Current location: In my bed, in my house, Sudbury, ON, Canada.

I have been woken up. Now I am on the computer. It is happy. NEWSPAPERS! They are very late to be delivered to me, to be delivered to other people. They are here. Now I am delivering them. Delivering done. Ta da. No more screens till 7 PM. Family rule.


Date: Saturday, July 25th, 2010
Time: 8:37
Current location: In the kitchen, in my house, Sudbury, ON, Canada.

Company has come and I have not been able to get on the computer yet. I have been planning to go to Chapters all day yet have had many things to do that have unfortunately postponed this visit. I plan to quickly bike there, grab a book, pay for it and bike back. Unfortunately, as I arrive at Chapters, I spawn a headache and a degree of nausea. It worsens throughtout the trip, thoroughly ruining my little outing. When I do get home, I pop some Tylenol and go to lie down. Things get worse. I have a shower. Things get worse. I go to bed. Things get worse. I take some Ibuprofen. Things get better after half an hour. I fall asleep.


Date: Sunday, July 26th, 2010
Time: 2:11 AM
Current location: In my parents room (where I fell asleep earlier), in my house, Sudbury, ON, Canada

I wake up. I feel fine. Except that now I must go to bed. And its too late to post.



That's what happened.
Now I go get Ice Cream.

Oh yes, on my way to Chapters, infront of Lasalle High School, I was forced to bail off of my moving bike due to a swerve to avoid a bush. Happy face.

Shiny new T-Shirt store.

Family Camp, because we're awesome


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Beards make awesome


So back in Timmins for the day. This is the first written post I have made in several weeks, and for that I apologize...... Anywho onto awesome things!! This week of camp was for the most part completely awesome! The weather was amazing had a fair bit of free time and much good food. I also might add that people from the small town in northern Ontario known as Matheson. I have realized that it is a town full of......"special" people who need lots of love and even more care. Oh, and those shoulder pads are soooo boss!!! The inside jokes at camp have been abundant and for that I am grateful. Anywho I will be posting yet another video blog later on tonight.

Until then remember these awesome rules...
1. Always remember the Pillage before you burn
2. Those who live by the sword will be shot by those who don't
3. You have the right to remain silent, anything you say will be misquoted then used against you
4.Pardon my driving I was reloading my gun
5.Law of gravity: you can't fall off the floor



This is Timothy!

Timothy is an Ipad.

He is also my friend.

Say Hi Timothy!

Timothy can do many things.

I love Timothy!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Inception, Toy Story 3, Hurt in the Inside

Inception was shiny. Really shiny. Leo is ugly though (unlike the special effects). Beautifully done. And shiny. Good plot as well. Of course...not as good as...

Toy Story 3.

Best. Thing. Ever.


There was no fault to the movie. Spectacular animation. Funny. Heart warming. SCARY TOYS! A monkey.


I'm hurt in the heart.


Everyone who reads this vote "Fail". This is part of a reader test. Only vote once personally. No multi-voting. We will kill you.


Seriousness: This blog needs to grow. To grow it needs support. You are the support. Spread the word and give us your suggestions as to how this blog can grow. We want your brains. T-Shirt ideas, marketting ideas, content ideas. TELL US! Use the comment system well. Have any special skills (or expensive high end recording equipment. Same difference) that you would like to contribute? Go right ahead! Tell us.


I'm too tired to think of anything funny.


Pick your favorite idea out of this list:

-Video series of any kind

-Weekly comic

-Blog Merchandise (small to stickers)



-Brisk Poem-

Oh how I love,
Brisk Lemonade,
Sent from above,
Brisk Lemonade!

It's taste so sweet,
Brisk Lemonade.
It can't be beat,
Brisk Lemonade!

Fizzt! That is from,
Brisk Lemonade,
The sounds of yum,
Brisk Lemonade!

Like molten gold,
Brisk Lemonade,
Value untold,

306 is a BIG Number!


So randomly my cabin got wifi this week and I just realized this fact late last night so I figured I should write a blog post from and about my cabin. 

The Amicus one of the most amazing cabins in the entire world. A place where men hang out and the female presence is in lacking amounts, this fact can be a blessing and a curse, like if creepy girls start following you around for the week you can hide. But on the flip side if your are looking for a girl friend then it probably Isn't the best place to hide. 

I almost forgot about the rafters in here they are a great place to do chin-ups, as long as you don't go up to fast and hit your head on a nail that is sticking through the roof. They are also a great place to hang wet stuff. I have started to notice that I seem to get soaked a lot more then any normal person should.

The washroom is one of my favorite places in the camp. Has an over abundance of mushroom growing and the smell of this washroom is that of a dead donkeys bottom. The shower in this here washroom has this lovely wooden shelf that you hit your head on every time you shower, and I mean EVERY time you shower. The toilet seat has got to be my favorite part if you sit down to fast it might slide right off. But I push forward and suffer. These are just some of the things we have to endure at camp.

Well this is just some of the fun I am having while at camp. And since I am working maintenance I better get back to work.

 If you read this blog regularly I am in love with you and will try to update you all again tomorrow when I am in Timmins...

Nolan Out!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ouchies and Owwies.


Did you ever notice the difference between these two words? Obviously both of them pertain to pain. Many parents have used these words to comfort their kids and somewhat try to show them that they know what it feels like. They are speaking "Child". Now these two words may seem closely related but they're used for two very different types of pain.

Ouchies - Ouchies is mostly used when a person or persons gets a scrape or gash in their derma causing blood. For example when someone falls off their bike and scrapes their elbow a bystander may say "Ouchies!" to express his/hers understanding of the pain.

Owwies - Owwies is most commonly used when one has a sore stomach, headache, or any other type of non-visible pain. For Example if one had sore muscles he/she would express this by using the word "Owwies". It is most commonly used when sharp pain is recieved usually from a quick movement or loud noise.

Right now I have the worst sore stomach in the world. Basically, I have all the symptoms from the pepto-bismol commercial... Yes it's horrible. Tommorow morning at 7:00 I leave for a 12 hour trip to Kuujjarrapik so I'm hoping that this sickness disappears soon!

Thoughts and encouragement


This is a zombie. For those of you who do not know what a zombie looks like. They look so confused, do they not? What could possibly be going through this creatures mind, you may ask yourself. Well, dealing first hand with such creatures, I shall enlighten you. What is going through there mind is...well.. not much. Considering that their brain is rotting. Because of their lack of cognitive reasoning, they are relatively easy to kill. A simple bash of the head should do the trick. They are hazerdous to mankind because they have a peculiar fascination with devouring human brains. Unsettling, isn't it. But not to worry..that is why I do what I do. Cont.



This is a zombie kitten... Much more dangerous. My vampire and zombie vanquishing abilities nearly reach the extent of there power when facing such creatures. Hard to detect and very stealthy, you may have a zombie kitten and not even know it. I encourage the utmost caution when dealing with zombie kittens. The best advice I can give, is to kill all kittens. If you have a kitten, kill it. If you see one while going for a moonlight stroll, kill it. If you are at an acquaintance's house and they have a kitten, kill it. Kill it, before it kills you. Kill it...or run.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

This needed sharing


Know what's good? Polls. Know what else is even better? Polls.

And so once more we find ourselves at the single most exciting time of the whole week! (Asides from Mexican Killing Day of course)... It's time for some new polls!!!

The previous week bucked our usual trend of not having any REAL number of voters, and saw a healthy stream of counts coming in every day! Hooray for Activity!

So stand your ground and draw your Bus Cannon, because it's time to take a look at last week's results!

What must we do to raise activity?

Fail less often! - 1 Vote (6%)
Shirtless pictures of Nathaniel! - 1 Vote (6%)
More Zombies! - 1 Vote (6%)
Nation-Wide Television Campaign - 6 Votes (35%)
Timothy? - 8 Votes (47%)

Aaand, what absolute truths we can gather from this insight:

  • People are still wayyy too into Television. It's the year 2010 for lights sake! Go outside and take a trip on your hoverboard or something.
  • I REALLY want to know who voted the second option
  • Timothy?
  • To the man who voted the first option: " YOU SIR/MADAME SHOULD FAIL LESS OFTEN!"
  • The time of Zombie-Over-Saturation seems to be at a End. It's a sad day for Earth indeed.
  • And Finally: Nathaniel does not have a horde of Fan Girls.

Join us next time to get some insight into the true nature of Harveys!

Monday, July 19, 2010



Favorites... The forbidden game that should never be played. Only who came up with the absurd saying "playing favorites". Favoritism has created and caused so many things... (That one's to you Nazi's....) Anyway here are a couple of my favorite things.

Macaroni Salad


Sunny Days

Fart Noises


Clean Toenails

Distant Skunk Smell


Giant Trees

Eating Ice Cubes



Sappy Facebook Status'

Cheeseburger Doritos



Walking by the Lakeshore

Predicting what's going to happen, especially if it ends in someone injuring themselves.

Holding Mannequins hands until they fall off.

Sneaking out.

Petting CATS <3

That's the end of my most favorite things don't be hatin'

Sunday, July 18, 2010

KL Hates Us

Soooo its been a while since I made a post. I would like to take this time to blame other people......but I don't know who....Actually, I've been in the process of trying to figure out a new film editing program, so its been taking up all my time. Anyway, its mostly figured out and videos should be somewhat more regular. So here's the first of many.

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Ya'll still readin' this here thang?

Yeah, well see my older brother there, he went and come over here for one of them visit thangs. Now he get's all geniouslike and gone tells us to try headin' out to the boonies to do some good ol fashion Gold Pannin'!

I dun figured that pretty soon I'd be swimmin' in that there yellow rock 'n all my school debts be gone 'n paid! Woopy joy! That'd be one of the better things to happen in this here life fer sure!

So we did went and drove out to some river out beyond Capreol, 'n pulled out our trusty pans there. And boy! You should'a seen them leeches! It was 'sif they were protectin' the gold itself

Yessir, aint our mama that didin't raise no fools none. We saw fer ourselves that if there was any gold in those pans there, we aint gunna be able to tell em apart none from the sand! So we gone 'n built ourselves a smelter!

Which, mind you was ain't much more than fire with lots o' rocks around it 'n a pan full of refined sandstuffs... But ya never know! these things seem all smart and booklearned ta me!

Course, never was any of that there Gold... Was a cryin shame too.

So this one time at poop camp...


So I am here on my blog this weekend with the soul purpose of letting you all see a glimpse into the wonderful land of Poop camp...

So This one time at Poop camp there was this little Ethiopian Kid who couldn't Poop very well... After a while of being at poop camp and eating some food and fiber he learned how to poop better and with lots of practice e became the BEST Ethiopian Pooper EVER!

Oh! on a side note have you ever tried Ethiopian Food? Well don't worry if you haven't! They haven't tried it either...

So this one time at Poop Camp there was this hairy Italian kids who ate lots of Spaghetti and smelt like garlic and no one liked him. Until they found out he could poop in brades and then he became the most coolest kid at Poop Camp!

So this one time at Poop Camp there was the Girl she was a Perfect 10 on the beauty scale. There was also a guy who was a Perfect 10 on the Handsome scale. They started dating. Then the guy found out that the girl only pooped once every 3 days, So he dumped her. A few years later the same guy started dating some one else from Poop Camp. She was 400lbs. And pooped twice a day, and plugged the toilet at least once out of the two times so the guy started dating her and they lived happily ever after... The twist in the story is that the fat girl was the perfect 10 from a few years earlier. She became a great pooper by eating cinnamon buns and fiber.

So this one time at Poop Camp there was a kid who couldn't poop because his poop had formed a brick like shape in his bowels and clogged it and would not come out... So this guy named Ben took his knife and cut his poop out... and they all lived happilyish ever after.

Nolan Out!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Polls are like... uhm... Something really good!.. But better!

Welcome ladies and gentleman to the ever-increasingly-less popular update of poll counts! Today marks the end of yet another exciting and enlightening week of the previous poll... but wait, Fasten your seatbelts and prepare to be boarded by a thousand crazed Klingon raiders! because we're looking at the stats!

If you could Nuke anything, what would it be?

The North Pole - 2 Votes (18%)
Dan John's Hair - 3 Votes (27%)
Timmins - 4 Votes (36%)
Those darned Australians - 2 Votes (18%)
Peace and Goodwill - 0 Votes (0%)

And so with an outstanding 4 vote win, we hereby declare Timmins the location of Fallout 5! Residents: Be on the lookout for Nuclear wastelands and Mutants near you!

And of course, that brings us to the facts:
  • The Australians live yet another day...But their days are numbered!
  • Peace and Goodwill are surprisingly popular concepts! That or people don't like nuking concepts.
  • Dan's hair could probably survive a nuke anyway. You'd need at least 2.
  • Once again we can see that Dan is less popular than Santa Clause!
  • This poll inspired a part of project Moonlaser

And that's it folks! The new question of the week may have heavily perverse undertones in one of the possibilities...  But that doesn't mean it wont happen if you all vote on it! :D

Monday, July 12, 2010


Once upon a time, in a land not to far distant from today, robots have become the next big thing.
Jobs once thought to be boring and monotonous, but no less necessary to society, were quickly being staffed by automatized laborers who are able to perform their tasks much more efficiently than any regular person ever could hope to!

And this was all well and good. Mankind was free to pursue higher jobs that advanced society further, and not worry about the grunt work that made it all possible. Unemployment rose, but so did quality of life as well as all of the arts and sciences.

But as time wore on, the types of jobs these robots could perform grew, as did the standards of what man considered a "good job".

Pretty soon, the team of scientists who invented the initial batch of robots were themselves replaced by a product of their own creation.


Then followed a massive war and plenty of explosions and it was AWESOME.

Yeah, well all that might be a little bit of dramatic presentation on my part... But I'm faced with about the same thing right now.

I've come across a method of automating my job, and I've been asked to look into it and see if I can develop an app that could be used with minimal effort... The problem is, once I complete this program, I'll be essentially obsolete.

Kindof a tricky situation to be in isn't it?

Soccer and Scares!


Although soccer is over and Spain was victorious, for me it has just begun.
I'm sitting in the O'brynes kitchen right now eating breakfast before we head out to the Northside Bible Chapel (that's right NBC) to start our soccer VBS. I have to run music along with Rachel and this young couple. I also lead one of the soccer teams which will be named after one of the teams that were in the FIFA games.
It's pretty legit.
Our T-Shirts are awesome! They're dark blue and say "High Power Soccer" on the front with a man kicking a ball bursting between the letters. Then it simply says staff on the back.

So yesterday for the first time in my life I went on a roller coaster! The four of us Beatrice, Rachel, Brandon, and I went to wonderland. So they all thought it was a good idea to go on Top Gun first! I had no fear at first and it looked really fun until i got in there and my harness thing didn't hold up too well. It felt as if I were going to slip out at any moment, but instead I slipped out a few other things... haha I think I was more of a witness there than ever in my life! "Lord please save me!"

Anyway time to head off to the VBS! Wonderland again friday! And i'm going to take the Behemoth!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Is back in Wifi... +Girls


I am sitting in Breanna's kitchen. I know you are all Disappointed with me. All of us have laptops and are being geeky. Not as geeky as Mike but we are getting close. So on to more important things. Like Nuclear War, or Marshmallows.

So I was once again I was at camp for another week. Jr. Boys was a fun and kinda smelly week, one of the only weeks of the summer where you have to FORCE the kids to shower. And some of the kids would rather lose there tuck for the day instead of showering... Like I am a guy and I kinda understand this whole this hatred of showers and being clean and what not. But like when you start to smell like dirty fish mixed with cat urine strangely enough people don't wanna sit beside you. BAH!


Wait I want to use my laptop!

Not more girls!


HEY. Breanna Broughton and Vivian Ellery here.

So, some of you might be lucky enough to know us, and frankly if you don't... it's about time we make our appearance on this blog. We would just like to point out, at this time, that it is impossible for girls to think of nothing! No matter how hard we try, we can never be as stupid as Nolan, Ben and Zach. We've tried, trust us. We've sat there, tried our best to clear our minds of all thoughts, but I guess we're just too smart to think of nothing. Furthermore ;) Obama was eating at a fast food restaurant the other day, while the middle east is in total chaos. Awesome job my friend, just awesome. Really, what's so special about him that you have to watch him eat at a public restaurant and then put it on the news? Woah woah guys, drop everything, Obama's at McDonald's. It wasn't McDonald's... Ben carries his balls around in a hot pink purse. Errr, wait. He calls it a satchel, Indiana Jones has one. So, we're going into Junior Girls this week, and we're pooched. Mostly, the girls are very cool at this age. Extremely cool, in fact. The matching slippers with the matching toiletries bag and the matching headband with the matching attitude. Oops, what's that you say? Attitude? Over all we love counseling but it's a sure test of patience and self-control. Just sayin'. Notice how there are zero paragraphs in this post? You love us, and from what we can tell, you probably all love pickled onions and peanut butter. As much as you don't wanna admit it. It's the truth. Speaking of the truth... The truth is, it's pretty LOW. Seriously. It's LOW. Lower than an above-ground swimming pool. Pools... really, like, I mean.. If  you own a pool, you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that people have used you at some point. Take Nolan, Ben and Zach for example... They needed a place to stay, but until Breanna mentioned her pool, they had no interest in staying there! But then again, they're boys. Sort of. So to all you people out there who actually read up until this point, you DEF deserve a high-five! :) (You also must be girls, cause boys have a two-minute attention span) You truly are quality blog-readers if you've made it this far!


B and V


Nolan back... I had to steal my laptop back from them dang girls...



Well Anyways...

Nolan Out!

Weekend Again

Hey there folks its joel here. Im currently in the Obrynes bqsement writing this from my ipod because i left my laptop at home so forgi e the minor spelling errors.
The past week was extremely long but at the same time fun. I was councelling a cabin along with Ben, it was awesome. My well behqved great campers pulled our cabin through and won honour cabin! The kids had a great week!
Although there was a very serious mistake made... We built forts instead of cleaning up... I know.. Mattress forts ruin lives. Im dissapointed in myself for making memories ahaha.
Anyway i better get to bed i took sleepy meds and im like passing out as i type!

An AWESOME contest of youtube AWESOMENESS

Are you bored?
Do you enjoy getting FREE THINGS?
Do you know what "Youtube" means?

Well congratulations! You might qualify to be a participant in...
"But wait!" says you, "This is probably more awesome then my feeble mind can handle! Shouldn't I leave this sort of thing to people like the bloggers; Whose minds are far more developed?"
That, my friend, is the beauty of this scheme! Youtube has a disclaimer that states you need ABSOLUTELY NO INTELLIGENCE to use it! So even Nolan can join in this one!

Here's how it's going to work. A starting topic will be provided and all you need to do is comment to this post with an awesome video about it.

That's it!

That video will then be posted on a new page here, and the next person must POST A MORE AWESOME VIDEO that is in some way related to the first.

This will go on until it is clear somebody has found a video without match.

Should a sufficient amount of people join in this tomfoolery, and it go on long enough, REAL PRIZES will be introduced!

So what are you waiting for? Are you an Australian Panzy? NO! YOUR AWESOME! Or else you wouldn't be reading this! So go forth and prove your worth! Start today!

The opening topic is:
Light Fixtures

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Forget complaining, this is great!

I take back anything bad I could possibly have said about my Job.

This is amazing!
First, the temperature here is probably cooler than inside your fridge right now... And while I might have found it annoying at first, as I sat around watching myself make typos because my hands refuse to stay steady, now that the heat is out in force I find myself enjoying every second of this sub-arctic experience.
Secondly, after the first week or so I thought my job here would be boring. I was just sorting through personal info and formatting it into excel spreadsheets... But now that's all changed! They want me to start making them programs to make their job easier, and I have complete creative liberty to do so however I want to!

Should I make an Abraham Lincoln themed ticket system?

And last, but oh-so-certainly not least, I finally got told how much I'm allowed to bill them... (See, technically I work for myself as a contractor) and it's A WHOLE LOT more then what I was expecting.
So much so that I might not have any student debt to worry about for at least the first year.

I'm celebrating by buying an Ipad tomorrow and frivolously spending all the money that should be going towards education! YAY!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I love you Polls! But not like that.

So we're kinda short on this rare commodity called "readers". In fact I think they went extinct. COME BACK! WE NEED YOU!

They never listen.

Anyway, old poll is out, so here's the results:

What is your summer most similar to?
Freshly Sliced Cake
6 Votes (38%)
A Painfully Empty Wallet
3 Votes (19%)
Lauren Woods
2 Votes (13%)
An Exploding Tank
3 Votes (19%)
Chuck Norris
2 Votes (13%)

And in rapid succession, here is what we can learn from this intel:
  • Lauren has a clone.
  • We have a decent amount of broke readers. We would like to remind you that we prefer rich ones.
  • 2 People had the NERVE to say that their summer was even CLOSE to being like Chuck Norris
  • 3 people are either very confused about analogies, or are proficient in blowing up vehicles.
  • The Cake is not a lie in the case of most peoples summer.

Thanks for joining us for another episode of "Poll Counting"! Join us next time to discover whether those Australians are going to get whats coming to 'em!

Monday, July 5, 2010

You! On the Facebook page, reading Nolan's update... Click here!

So, looking at the amount of activity we got last week I think it's safe to conclude that like 80% of all of our readers either work at Northland, or just happened to be gone and return at the same time.

Nolan, can you confirm this?

That aside though, if you've been with the blog a really long time, you'll know I don't have much to say whenever that silly teenage-emotional-nonsense part of my brain kicks in and says:
"Mike: Your depressed as of now. Go burn."
Aaand, for the sake of avoiding what one commenter aptly described as "Vogan Poetry", I'll spare you all a rant... For now. But that means you get TWO next time!

Hope your all enjoying your summer! I'm betting yours has a whole lot less cold basements than mine does.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Harry Potter has DIED

A little over two years ago, my sister Vanessa went on an adventure. She began a quest for a technology that would forever be her aid as she battles the struggles of post secondary education.
She searched for days, but unfortunately could find nothing that would fulfil her computer needs. Then one day, one rainy, dark, lonesome day, Vanessa came upon a beautiful HP laptop. It had exactly what she needed. A swivel screen. She could rotate it and have the screen closed, yet facing upwards so she could write directly onto Microsoft Word. She needed this to help her with her Calculus and Physics notes.
It was a magical laptop, and Vanessa quickly began calling it Harry, Harry Potter.

Today, July 4, 2010.... Harry Potter has died. That beautiful swivel screen has become black...never to regain colour again. Vanessa, the one that loves Harry more than anyone else has fallen into a deep, heart wrenching depression.

If you're reading this, on behalf of the readers, my fellow bloggers, Steak Sauce (my HP) and myself, I would like to extend my most sincere condolences for your loss.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

God Made Bugs


Hey, so I also am back, we're currently all bunking at my house for the night before heading off to camp again in the morning! YAY!

So I just finished bunny camp, it was pretty fun, although it is one of the least favourite camps of the year. At the last minute I got assigned to help with maintenance, kitchen, and games. Which means I didn't have to council! It was all fun, EXCEPT the games. It always seems that when you dislike a person or animal they end up loving you. Well, i'm not fond of young children... They begged to differ. At least I didn't have to deal with that cereal killer like Nolan and Ben had to ;). 

In the end I pushed through all the dirty messy children and sucked up doing kitchen work... Yes that's right ladies... And by the way stop complaining its not that hard. I also met a couple new people and got to know all the staff a little better. 

I met the FAMOUS Anastasia Martin! As soon as I met her I just had TONS of questions to ask her. She probably wanted to shoot me multiple times in the face and strangle me with her braids, but she held her patience like any fellow Christian should and dealt with it. EVEN when I tried to force her to try tea.

If anyone has ever been to Northland Bible Camp before you've probably heard of the well known kids song "Bugs" to my surprise one of the councilors there Mr. Jarvis actually wrote the song. So we let him lead the song for the kids.

Anyway I'm off to obliterate my cold in the sauna. BYE. 

Did you miss me?


I'm back for a day... I know "That was Low" of me to leave for a week... but camp is better then this blog!  It's hard to believe that anything can be better then this blog but Northland Bible Camp is better! And I figured that since I'm in a Wifi Connection I'd write a post, But don't get to used of it I'm only her till tomorrow morning and then I am off to camp for another week! Yay!

So I guess I should recap my week at camp. to start off I would like to say that it really was quite exciting and amazing! I worked maintenance for the last two weeks at camp it really was exciting

And here is a list of jobs that we accomplished:

  1. Put the docks in the water

  2. Fix the beach

  3. Poured cement

  4. Cleaned up brush all around the camp

  5. Drove Eleanor(She is my Lover)

  6. Tore down the change/wash room(it had a bit of a poop explosion)

  7. Burned the change/wash room

  8. Moved sand

  9. Did dishes after Meals

  10. cleaned the dinning lodge

See what I mean! Doesn't that sound exciting? Okay So it doesn't... But seriously it has been awesome  there are now TONS of inside jokes that I would love to post here but can't because most of you would just get annoyed because you wouldn't get them! HA!

well I think that Ben and Joel will be posting today as well. And Ben might be putting up a bunch of videos up... :D Yay! I am in love with this girl named Eleanor... she is a truck! If you are a girl and you like more then one guy at the same time you are dumb and don't deserve a boy friend!

well thats my post!

Nolan Out!

P.S. I have a cold!


Nom nom nom.

Does the taste of human flesh make one squeemish? Probably. Captain Cook thinks so. I wonder if they let him have a taste of his leg-NO! Don't go there. Too squeemish. I'm thirsty. What?! No! Ewww...not blood! Dr. Pepper! Sicko...

Just back from breakfast. Egg McMuffins but homemade. Bacon. Nom nom nom. And drugs. Cold pills and Ibuprofen...? Is that how you spell it? Hmmm...

Also, I have might have a cracked foot bone. I tripped over a backpack. Backpacks are pagan. It doesn't hurt much, but its swollen and has all sorts of precise intricate bruising...

I want one billion swordsmen!

Type, type, type. Type, type? Tyyype!

Stereos. They're useless now. We have computers or, more importantly, Macs. Media centers make it so much easier and more efficient and slick. Shiny. Who uses CD' music is free with a media center...heh heh...I'm a stereotypist.

Apperantly there is a three post a week minimum. What deceit is this. No one cares about my posts. My pathetic little collection of notes. *Siiigh* This drives a man to the drink. I need some Dr. Pepper.

Did you know...that for $ can go to Wonderland and...listen to music?

I want ice cream. But a special kind. I want...chocolate, blueberry, raspberry, vanilla, caramel, and Photoshop CS5. What...?

Wolverine is Canadian. You can't beat that. Can't beat it.

Google is trying to beat Facebook. Google Me is their replacement. Google Buzz is a bit like Twitter but...a bit more. There best bet would be to group the two. Facebook should buy Twitter. Facetwitter. Twitterbook? FacebookTwitter. Google. Aaaawesome.

I'm going to close with a picture. I spent a whole 10 minutes on this. It's what would happen if the blog was hit in the head with a baseball bat. Much spray.

Friday, July 2, 2010

I'm on to them! I've got it all figured out!

So I'm writing this from work.
My boss claims that he has nothing left for me to do today... But I suspect he has far more sinister plans than simply letting me have a break for the next hour... no...
If I'm correct, he plans to eat me.

"But wait!" says you. "I know one of those boss types, and he/she isn't a cannibal!"
This is true. It seems like not everybody from that race has cannibalistic tendencies... But the way my boss is always annoyed, the way he reacts when I mess up, and the giant pile of skulls and large cauldron in his office all are clear indicators to me that he is a cannibalistic savage!

Well I've seen through his clever plans! I'll be ready when he comes down here with his blow dart and skewer!

Also: I'm going to Wonderland tomorrow! This is the second year the Simards have invited me to go with them... Last year I slept in and missed it. (I REALLY fail at sleeping, in case you haven't noticed) But this time I should be able to force myself up at 5:30 and drag myself over there!

Edit: In other news: The first quarter of Project Moonlaser is almost done... That copy will be sent out to the two people who volunteered to test... Just as soon as I remember who they are. I seem to only have one in my email.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


At 12 AM I wrote a blog post.

It was near completion.

I was called to come upstairs.

I didn't get to post it that night.

The next morning, Blogger Create A Post was quit.

There are two morals to this story.

1) Publish a post. Don't count on Blogger's saving. It doesn't work.

2) Don't quit Mozzila for no reason whatsoever! *Sniff*

Blog Post Time!

I have obtained Facebook. Kill me now, for I have thrown away my morals. Alas. I have been reduced to a pile of pathetic scum.

In my previous post, I made a poem about school being over. It's gone. FOREVER!

I am oh so bitter,
About my post gone,
But I am not a quitter!

iPhone 4.

It is officially Canada day. The celebration of that big place up north with the crazy people. There will be blood. Or fireworks. Yeah...most likely fireworks...

Did you know that you can get sweaters for $3 in the States? All we get cheap is maple syrup and moose meat. And unlocked iPhone 4's.

iPhone 4.

Where have all the pianos gone? Great song. Phil Vassar. They have gone with the keys. And William's glasses. *Siiiiigh*

The best way to get a job inside Apple? Simple! Become and antenna engineer! This is what you get for having a new and strange antenna. You get phones that have to be held a certain way or else you have a lessened signal strength. And really funny ad campaigns by competitors...

Found a really cool way of making wallpapers. Computer wallpapers. Maybe its a style...hmmm...

War of Legends is an online strategy game. It's kind of in the beta-ish. Anywho, my Alliance leader is a pig and I have two cities and a bunch of flunkys to do my bidding. Power...

iPhone 4.

People are funny.

Brisk Lemonade! Best. Thing. Ever. I hadn't seen it in years then all of a sudden: POW! There it is in a corner store. Next thing I know, dad is coming home with a case of it! *Siiiigh* I am content. It's really good. Nom nom...that's for food...maybe Slorp Slorp?

Now the sunblock is missing. The pianos, the keys, the glasses, and the sunblocks are holding a convention. In the valley. No one knows where the valley is.

Shiny wallpaper picture! It will be small though...

Canada Day?


Greetings and salutations. I have taken a quick break from my days of vampire hunting to ponder the idea of a certain, shall we say, holiday? This "holiday" is of course none other than the supposed Canada Day... by which it baffles me that Canadians have the audacity to claim their own day. We Americans of course reserve the right to do this, after all, we are a special people. Canadians however, seem to be attempting to copy us; to imitate our social and or political decisions. Bah, nevertheless, to them it is a celebration, so we'll give them that. Pitiful really...somewhat embarrasing..for Canadians that is. I suppose differences aside, to whom it may concern, Happy Canada Day.