Friday, July 23, 2010

306 is a BIG Number!

So randomly my cabin got wifi this week and I just realized this fact late last night so I figured I should write a blog post from and about my cabin. 

The Amicus one of the most amazing cabins in the entire world. A place where men hang out and the female presence is in lacking amounts, this fact can be a blessing and a curse, like if creepy girls start following you around for the week you can hide. But on the flip side if your are looking for a girl friend then it probably Isn't the best place to hide. 

I almost forgot about the rafters in here they are a great place to do chin-ups, as long as you don't go up to fast and hit your head on a nail that is sticking through the roof. They are also a great place to hang wet stuff. I have started to notice that I seem to get soaked a lot more then any normal person should.

The washroom is one of my favorite places in the camp. Has an over abundance of mushroom growing and the smell of this washroom is that of a dead donkeys bottom. The shower in this here washroom has this lovely wooden shelf that you hit your head on every time you shower, and I mean EVERY time you shower. The toilet seat has got to be my favorite part if you sit down to fast it might slide right off. But I push forward and suffer. These are just some of the things we have to endure at camp.

Well this is just some of the fun I am having while at camp. And since I am working maintenance I better get back to work.

 If you read this blog regularly I am in love with you and will try to update you all again tomorrow when I am in Timmins...

Nolan Out!

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