Thursday, July 1, 2010


At 12 AM I wrote a blog post.

It was near completion.

I was called to come upstairs.

I didn't get to post it that night.

The next morning, Blogger Create A Post was quit.

There are two morals to this story.

1) Publish a post. Don't count on Blogger's saving. It doesn't work.

2) Don't quit Mozzila for no reason whatsoever! *Sniff*

Blog Post Time!

I have obtained Facebook. Kill me now, for I have thrown away my morals. Alas. I have been reduced to a pile of pathetic scum.

In my previous post, I made a poem about school being over. It's gone. FOREVER!

I am oh so bitter,
About my post gone,
But I am not a quitter!

iPhone 4.

It is officially Canada day. The celebration of that big place up north with the crazy people. There will be blood. Or fireworks. Yeah...most likely fireworks...

Did you know that you can get sweaters for $3 in the States? All we get cheap is maple syrup and moose meat. And unlocked iPhone 4's.

iPhone 4.

Where have all the pianos gone? Great song. Phil Vassar. They have gone with the keys. And William's glasses. *Siiiiigh*

The best way to get a job inside Apple? Simple! Become and antenna engineer! This is what you get for having a new and strange antenna. You get phones that have to be held a certain way or else you have a lessened signal strength. And really funny ad campaigns by competitors...

Found a really cool way of making wallpapers. Computer wallpapers. Maybe its a style...hmmm...

War of Legends is an online strategy game. It's kind of in the beta-ish. Anywho, my Alliance leader is a pig and I have two cities and a bunch of flunkys to do my bidding. Power...

iPhone 4.

People are funny.

Brisk Lemonade! Best. Thing. Ever. I hadn't seen it in years then all of a sudden: POW! There it is in a corner store. Next thing I know, dad is coming home with a case of it! *Siiiigh* I am content. It's really good. Nom nom...that's for food...maybe Slorp Slorp?

Now the sunblock is missing. The pianos, the keys, the glasses, and the sunblocks are holding a convention. In the valley. No one knows where the valley is.

Shiny wallpaper picture! It will be small though...

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