Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Better than even the most delicious cakes: Polls

 Hello again! May I humbly present to you all the very fashionably late episode of Polls! I'm your host Mike Daoust, and you sir, are READY TO LEARN YERSELF SOME STUFF.

So what exciting results did we get from last weeks exploration of truth? What quintessential principles can we gather from the numbers and statistics? What is Pi? In short: Here's the results:

What makes Harveys so good?

The food is blessed by an In-House Shaman
2 Votes (15%)
The burgers being made from 86% Unicorn meat
6 Votes (46%)
The Holy Flames they use to grill
3 Votes (23%)
The stench of Capitalism and cheap Low-Grade ingredients
2 Votes (15%)

And the conclusions:

  • Not enough people really understand how endangered Unicorns are. Tell me, when was the last time YOU saw one? Hmmm? It's companies like Harveys that are driving them to extinction!
  • Shamans get no respect for their work. How would you like to be paid minimum wage to sit around and seek the animal spirit's blessing on each and every burger that gets ordered?
  • Random fact: Harveys is good.

Stay tuned for next week where we take a deep look at what really makes Joel who he is.

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