Sunday, July 25, 2010

Blogging is a Diary That Everyone Can Read

SO I'm in Kuujjuraapik possibly on the slowest computer and internet known to man... The week so far has been really great! We conquered the 13 hour trip in 14 hours on thursday and then stayed in the James Bay Motel. Fancy place... The owner tricked us into thinking there was no TV or water when there actually was.. So I told him I took a big dump in the closet the next morning.

Currently the boys are staying in a room above the triple gymnasium and the girls are staying in the mission house. We had our first VBS day yesterday in the gym with about 35 kids. It was alot of fun and we got to play with a huge parachute. Baha

So everynight we get a sauna because we're staying in the gym, but yesterday I locked our keys in the weight room while I was getting a drink... HUGE mistake.. We were all heading out to find the owner of the gym to get the second set of keys but just before we left Jesse picked the lock and we got in!

Don't worry about missing out on the trip because me and Jesse have been video blogging and pretty much filming every single thing that happens, so every day next week i'll be posting a video of what we did that day, except for today it's our only day off.

Anyway I have to go but I'll try to keep you updated but its hard because I'm really busy and there's alot of people on the computer during our time off.

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