Saturday, July 3, 2010


Nom nom nom.

Does the taste of human flesh make one squeemish? Probably. Captain Cook thinks so. I wonder if they let him have a taste of his leg-NO! Don't go there. Too squeemish. I'm thirsty. What?! No! Ewww...not blood! Dr. Pepper! Sicko...

Just back from breakfast. Egg McMuffins but homemade. Bacon. Nom nom nom. And drugs. Cold pills and Ibuprofen...? Is that how you spell it? Hmmm...

Also, I have might have a cracked foot bone. I tripped over a backpack. Backpacks are pagan. It doesn't hurt much, but its swollen and has all sorts of precise intricate bruising...

I want one billion swordsmen!

Type, type, type. Type, type? Tyyype!

Stereos. They're useless now. We have computers or, more importantly, Macs. Media centers make it so much easier and more efficient and slick. Shiny. Who uses CD' music is free with a media center...heh heh...I'm a stereotypist.

Apperantly there is a three post a week minimum. What deceit is this. No one cares about my posts. My pathetic little collection of notes. *Siiigh* This drives a man to the drink. I need some Dr. Pepper.

Did you know...that for $ can go to Wonderland and...listen to music?

I want ice cream. But a special kind. I want...chocolate, blueberry, raspberry, vanilla, caramel, and Photoshop CS5. What...?

Wolverine is Canadian. You can't beat that. Can't beat it.

Google is trying to beat Facebook. Google Me is their replacement. Google Buzz is a bit like Twitter but...a bit more. There best bet would be to group the two. Facebook should buy Twitter. Facetwitter. Twitterbook? FacebookTwitter. Google. Aaaawesome.

I'm going to close with a picture. I spent a whole 10 minutes on this. It's what would happen if the blog was hit in the head with a baseball bat. Much spray.

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