Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The continuing adventures of a geek

Hello loyal fan base of internet peoples! While I am still struggling with the concept that you may actually exist and be out there reading all of what I type on this blog... I still feel that I owe you some kind of update, Even if you are nothing more than the product of my imagination.

So last weekend I was dead enough to not even really make much progress on Moonlaser, which is sad because I was hoping to get some ways into Act2 before Nolan and the rest got back from camp. But between the hours I work and a sudden cold/allergy attack that plagued me Sunday, I just didn't get very far at all.

Then my old friend Travis Verch and school chums Talon and James decide that we need to celebrate the launch of StarCraft2 by having an all nighter playing StarCraft 1. Then around 6 in the morning we drove over to future shop and camped out till they opened, and made a beeline for the game. We ended up buying like 5 copies.

So yeah, then I went to Laurentian and got some orientation and a new shiny Student Card! And now I am telling you all this from Timothy whilst being half asleep and waiting for a ride. also, I am beside a statue of Ghandi. And he creeps me out every time I turn.

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