Saturday, July 3, 2010

Did you miss me?

I'm back for a day... I know "That was Low" of me to leave for a week... but camp is better then this blog!  It's hard to believe that anything can be better then this blog but Northland Bible Camp is better! And I figured that since I'm in a Wifi Connection I'd write a post, But don't get to used of it I'm only her till tomorrow morning and then I am off to camp for another week! Yay!

So I guess I should recap my week at camp. to start off I would like to say that it really was quite exciting and amazing! I worked maintenance for the last two weeks at camp it really was exciting

And here is a list of jobs that we accomplished:

  1. Put the docks in the water

  2. Fix the beach

  3. Poured cement

  4. Cleaned up brush all around the camp

  5. Drove Eleanor(She is my Lover)

  6. Tore down the change/wash room(it had a bit of a poop explosion)

  7. Burned the change/wash room

  8. Moved sand

  9. Did dishes after Meals

  10. cleaned the dinning lodge

See what I mean! Doesn't that sound exciting? Okay So it doesn't... But seriously it has been awesome  there are now TONS of inside jokes that I would love to post here but can't because most of you would just get annoyed because you wouldn't get them! HA!

well I think that Ben and Joel will be posting today as well. And Ben might be putting up a bunch of videos up... :D Yay! I am in love with this girl named Eleanor... she is a truck! If you are a girl and you like more then one guy at the same time you are dumb and don't deserve a boy friend!

well thats my post!

Nolan Out!

P.S. I have a cold!

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