Tuesday, July 27, 2010


5:40 AM and I'm eating a muffin. What is this world coming to.

Hello folks, we're just about to head out to the Toronto airport for our 9:15 flight. It will be a nice drive with lots of road and a 100% chance of overpass. There's an omen of train on the horizon but I think it'll pass by 6:00.

Today is the day. The day where we land on foreign beaches where natives hand us flower necklaces and tell us enthusiastically "Aloha! Enjoy Hawaii! Tikua means 'Watch out! Lava!'!"

Or maybe not...

The worries of a long vacation are many. Worries such as my current "Will the new customer on my paper route think less of me because I left for a two week vacation the day he started". That's a popular one, I'm told.

I type and I type but there's so little words. Well...I suppose there are many words. Words like phantasmagorical or inconceivable or carp.

Did you know that fancy Koi ponds filled with majestic Koi fish swimming around in mysterious oriental Koi patterns can also be known as holes in the ground where bottom feeders swim around. Gotta go! Koi = Carp

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