Saturday, July 3, 2010

God Made Bugs

Hey, so I also am back, we're currently all bunking at my house for the night before heading off to camp again in the morning! YAY!

So I just finished bunny camp, it was pretty fun, although it is one of the least favourite camps of the year. At the last minute I got assigned to help with maintenance, kitchen, and games. Which means I didn't have to council! It was all fun, EXCEPT the games. It always seems that when you dislike a person or animal they end up loving you. Well, i'm not fond of young children... They begged to differ. At least I didn't have to deal with that cereal killer like Nolan and Ben had to ;). 

In the end I pushed through all the dirty messy children and sucked up doing kitchen work... Yes that's right ladies... And by the way stop complaining its not that hard. I also met a couple new people and got to know all the staff a little better. 

I met the FAMOUS Anastasia Martin! As soon as I met her I just had TONS of questions to ask her. She probably wanted to shoot me multiple times in the face and strangle me with her braids, but she held her patience like any fellow Christian should and dealt with it. EVEN when I tried to force her to try tea.

If anyone has ever been to Northland Bible Camp before you've probably heard of the well known kids song "Bugs" to my surprise one of the councilors there Mr. Jarvis actually wrote the song. So we let him lead the song for the kids.

Anyway I'm off to obliterate my cold in the sauna. BYE. 

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  1. At least you get stuff done at camp. I'm stuck in T-Town most of the summer :(