Saturday, July 17, 2010


Ya'll still readin' this here thang?

Yeah, well see my older brother there, he went and come over here for one of them visit thangs. Now he get's all geniouslike and gone tells us to try headin' out to the boonies to do some good ol fashion Gold Pannin'!

I dun figured that pretty soon I'd be swimmin' in that there yellow rock 'n all my school debts be gone 'n paid! Woopy joy! That'd be one of the better things to happen in this here life fer sure!

So we did went and drove out to some river out beyond Capreol, 'n pulled out our trusty pans there. And boy! You should'a seen them leeches! It was 'sif they were protectin' the gold itself

Yessir, aint our mama that didin't raise no fools none. We saw fer ourselves that if there was any gold in those pans there, we aint gunna be able to tell em apart none from the sand! So we gone 'n built ourselves a smelter!

Which, mind you was ain't much more than fire with lots o' rocks around it 'n a pan full of refined sandstuffs... But ya never know! these things seem all smart and booklearned ta me!

Course, never was any of that there Gold... Was a cryin shame too.

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