Friday, July 2, 2010

I'm on to them! I've got it all figured out!

So I'm writing this from work.
My boss claims that he has nothing left for me to do today... But I suspect he has far more sinister plans than simply letting me have a break for the next hour... no...
If I'm correct, he plans to eat me.

"But wait!" says you. "I know one of those boss types, and he/she isn't a cannibal!"
This is true. It seems like not everybody from that race has cannibalistic tendencies... But the way my boss is always annoyed, the way he reacts when I mess up, and the giant pile of skulls and large cauldron in his office all are clear indicators to me that he is a cannibalistic savage!

Well I've seen through his clever plans! I'll be ready when he comes down here with his blow dart and skewer!

Also: I'm going to Wonderland tomorrow! This is the second year the Simards have invited me to go with them... Last year I slept in and missed it. (I REALLY fail at sleeping, in case you haven't noticed) But this time I should be able to force myself up at 5:30 and drag myself over there!

Edit: In other news: The first quarter of Project Moonlaser is almost done... That copy will be sent out to the two people who volunteered to test... Just as soon as I remember who they are. I seem to only have one in my email.

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