Saturday, July 10, 2010

Is back in Wifi... +Girls

I am sitting in Breanna's kitchen. I know you are all Disappointed with me. All of us have laptops and are being geeky. Not as geeky as Mike but we are getting close. So on to more important things. Like Nuclear War, or Marshmallows.

So I was once again I was at camp for another week. Jr. Boys was a fun and kinda smelly week, one of the only weeks of the summer where you have to FORCE the kids to shower. And some of the kids would rather lose there tuck for the day instead of showering... Like I am a guy and I kinda understand this whole this hatred of showers and being clean and what not. But like when you start to smell like dirty fish mixed with cat urine strangely enough people don't wanna sit beside you. BAH!


Wait I want to use my laptop!

Not more girls!


HEY. Breanna Broughton and Vivian Ellery here.

So, some of you might be lucky enough to know us, and frankly if you don't... it's about time we make our appearance on this blog. We would just like to point out, at this time, that it is impossible for girls to think of nothing! No matter how hard we try, we can never be as stupid as Nolan, Ben and Zach. We've tried, trust us. We've sat there, tried our best to clear our minds of all thoughts, but I guess we're just too smart to think of nothing. Furthermore ;) Obama was eating at a fast food restaurant the other day, while the middle east is in total chaos. Awesome job my friend, just awesome. Really, what's so special about him that you have to watch him eat at a public restaurant and then put it on the news? Woah woah guys, drop everything, Obama's at McDonald's. It wasn't McDonald's... Ben carries his balls around in a hot pink purse. Errr, wait. He calls it a satchel, Indiana Jones has one. So, we're going into Junior Girls this week, and we're pooched. Mostly, the girls are very cool at this age. Extremely cool, in fact. The matching slippers with the matching toiletries bag and the matching headband with the matching attitude. Oops, what's that you say? Attitude? Over all we love counseling but it's a sure test of patience and self-control. Just sayin'. Notice how there are zero paragraphs in this post? You love us, and from what we can tell, you probably all love pickled onions and peanut butter. As much as you don't wanna admit it. It's the truth. Speaking of the truth... The truth is, it's pretty LOW. Seriously. It's LOW. Lower than an above-ground swimming pool. Pools... really, like, I mean.. If  you own a pool, you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that people have used you at some point. Take Nolan, Ben and Zach for example... They needed a place to stay, but until Breanna mentioned her pool, they had no interest in staying there! But then again, they're boys. Sort of. So to all you people out there who actually read up until this point, you DEF deserve a high-five! :) (You also must be girls, cause boys have a two-minute attention span) You truly are quality blog-readers if you've made it this far!


B and V


Nolan back... I had to steal my laptop back from them dang girls...



Well Anyways...

Nolan Out!

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