Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Know what's good? Polls. Know what else is even better? Polls.

And so once more we find ourselves at the single most exciting time of the whole week! (Asides from Mexican Killing Day of course)... It's time for some new polls!!!

The previous week bucked our usual trend of not having any REAL number of voters, and saw a healthy stream of counts coming in every day! Hooray for Activity!

So stand your ground and draw your Bus Cannon, because it's time to take a look at last week's results!

What must we do to raise activity?

Fail less often! - 1 Vote (6%)
Shirtless pictures of Nathaniel! - 1 Vote (6%)
More Zombies! - 1 Vote (6%)
Nation-Wide Television Campaign - 6 Votes (35%)
Timothy? - 8 Votes (47%)

Aaand, what absolute truths we can gather from this insight:

  • People are still wayyy too into Television. It's the year 2010 for lights sake! Go outside and take a trip on your hoverboard or something.
  • I REALLY want to know who voted the second option
  • Timothy?
  • To the man who voted the first option: " YOU SIR/MADAME SHOULD FAIL LESS OFTEN!"
  • The time of Zombie-Over-Saturation seems to be at a End. It's a sad day for Earth indeed.
  • And Finally: Nathaniel does not have a horde of Fan Girls.

Join us next time to get some insight into the true nature of Harveys!


  1. wait a sec the nathaniel of the poll was me
    cuz i figured it was nathaniel the guy who writes for this blog
    since i am refered to as nate
    and nathaniel as... well nathaniel

  2. Nah, that was good ol Pagan Nathaniel of Sudbury. I would have misspelled your name if it was you!

  3. ahh good to know :) :P

  4. Harvey's makes the best onion rings I have ever tasted!!!