Monday, July 26, 2010

Leg 1 - Travel by Limbs?

Nathanael Martin is currently at his grandparents house, blogging away, preparing for the next step. Toronto.

Toronto - Minneapolis - Hawaii <3

Here's the plan. I will make attempts to blog every day while on Hawaii. I will either succeed or miss every single day due to lack of internet. Hmm...

Unless I conscript the father figure into sending a pre-written wall of text to Mr. Daoust every day when goes to the workplace.


To take care of other matters...

NOLAN. I need your face. You know what I mean.
BEN. I need you to imitate Bruce Lee's most famous of leg motions.
MIKE. I need you to buy me a copy of Starcraft 2. Now.
JOEL. I need you to shave that beard, hairy man.

I finally found the perfect Ninja pose. Shame there's no scanner in Hawaii...

Inkscape will do for now but it is faulty and I will eat my internal organs soon if I do not get it replaced with ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR CS5 (so beautiful...)!

Someone in Manitoba flew a plane into the ground. The ground is so big! How do you not see that coming?

Highly amusing game: Void Hunters. It's on You build a ship to destroy other ships. Hee hee. Example: A wall of armour on one side, a wall of fighter bays on the other. Boom.


The claws of a dog make funny skittering noises when the dog runs on a hard floor. Also, they make funny skittering noises when the dog has been struck by a falling orangutaun. Happy face.

Manly facial hair. Face with half closed eyes and a lopsided shine tooth smile.

Everyone who reads this vote: Fail

DO IT! Really! I need to take constant samples of the reading environment. K?

Also, if you don't do it, I get murdered in my sleep by a group of anti-fail activists wielding pork rinds and toothpaste. Again.

After much randomness I would like to say that all of you who read this blog thing are either A) Insane B) Stupid C) Awesome or D) People with no lives who need to really do something with their time like go play football with a young sibling or donate to a charity that helps blind orphan amputees.

*Acknowledging nod*

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