Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Polls are like... uhm... Something really good!.. But better!

Welcome ladies and gentleman to the ever-increasingly-less popular update of poll counts! Today marks the end of yet another exciting and enlightening week of the previous poll... but wait, Fasten your seatbelts and prepare to be boarded by a thousand crazed Klingon raiders! because we're looking at the stats!

If you could Nuke anything, what would it be?

The North Pole - 2 Votes (18%)
Dan John's Hair - 3 Votes (27%)
Timmins - 4 Votes (36%)
Those darned Australians - 2 Votes (18%)
Peace and Goodwill - 0 Votes (0%)

And so with an outstanding 4 vote win, we hereby declare Timmins the location of Fallout 5! Residents: Be on the lookout for Nuclear wastelands and Mutants near you!

And of course, that brings us to the facts:
  • The Australians live yet another day...But their days are numbered!
  • Peace and Goodwill are surprisingly popular concepts! That or people don't like nuking concepts.
  • Dan's hair could probably survive a nuke anyway. You'd need at least 2.
  • Once again we can see that Dan is less popular than Santa Clause!
  • This poll inspired a part of project Moonlaser

And that's it folks! The new question of the week may have heavily perverse undertones in one of the possibilities...  But that doesn't mean it wont happen if you all vote on it! :D

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