Monday, July 12, 2010


Once upon a time, in a land not to far distant from today, robots have become the next big thing.
Jobs once thought to be boring and monotonous, but no less necessary to society, were quickly being staffed by automatized laborers who are able to perform their tasks much more efficiently than any regular person ever could hope to!

And this was all well and good. Mankind was free to pursue higher jobs that advanced society further, and not worry about the grunt work that made it all possible. Unemployment rose, but so did quality of life as well as all of the arts and sciences.

But as time wore on, the types of jobs these robots could perform grew, as did the standards of what man considered a "good job".

Pretty soon, the team of scientists who invented the initial batch of robots were themselves replaced by a product of their own creation.


Then followed a massive war and plenty of explosions and it was AWESOME.

Yeah, well all that might be a little bit of dramatic presentation on my part... But I'm faced with about the same thing right now.

I've come across a method of automating my job, and I've been asked to look into it and see if I can develop an app that could be used with minimal effort... The problem is, once I complete this program, I'll be essentially obsolete.

Kindof a tricky situation to be in isn't it?

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