Saturday, July 17, 2010

So this one time at poop camp...

So I am here on my blog this weekend with the soul purpose of letting you all see a glimpse into the wonderful land of Poop camp...

So This one time at Poop camp there was this little Ethiopian Kid who couldn't Poop very well... After a while of being at poop camp and eating some food and fiber he learned how to poop better and with lots of practice e became the BEST Ethiopian Pooper EVER!

Oh! on a side note have you ever tried Ethiopian Food? Well don't worry if you haven't! They haven't tried it either...

So this one time at Poop Camp there was this hairy Italian kids who ate lots of Spaghetti and smelt like garlic and no one liked him. Until they found out he could poop in brades and then he became the most coolest kid at Poop Camp!

So this one time at Poop Camp there was the Girl she was a Perfect 10 on the beauty scale. There was also a guy who was a Perfect 10 on the Handsome scale. They started dating. Then the guy found out that the girl only pooped once every 3 days, So he dumped her. A few years later the same guy started dating some one else from Poop Camp. She was 400lbs. And pooped twice a day, and plugged the toilet at least once out of the two times so the guy started dating her and they lived happily ever after... The twist in the story is that the fat girl was the perfect 10 from a few years earlier. She became a great pooper by eating cinnamon buns and fiber.

So this one time at Poop Camp there was a kid who couldn't poop because his poop had formed a brick like shape in his bowels and clogged it and would not come out... So this guy named Ben took his knife and cut his poop out... and they all lived happilyish ever after.

Nolan Out!

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