Monday, July 12, 2010

Soccer and Scares!

Although soccer is over and Spain was victorious, for me it has just begun.
I'm sitting in the O'brynes kitchen right now eating breakfast before we head out to the Northside Bible Chapel (that's right NBC) to start our soccer VBS. I have to run music along with Rachel and this young couple. I also lead one of the soccer teams which will be named after one of the teams that were in the FIFA games.
It's pretty legit.
Our T-Shirts are awesome! They're dark blue and say "High Power Soccer" on the front with a man kicking a ball bursting between the letters. Then it simply says staff on the back.

So yesterday for the first time in my life I went on a roller coaster! The four of us Beatrice, Rachel, Brandon, and I went to wonderland. So they all thought it was a good idea to go on Top Gun first! I had no fear at first and it looked really fun until i got in there and my harness thing didn't hold up too well. It felt as if I were going to slip out at any moment, but instead I slipped out a few other things... haha I think I was more of a witness there than ever in my life! "Lord please save me!"

Anyway time to head off to the VBS! Wonderland again friday! And i'm going to take the Behemoth!

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  1. Just make sure not to close your eyes on the first drop... That's the best moment ever!