Saturday, July 31, 2010

Tropical Bloggism

I need a hero!

He's gotta be strong and he's gotta be fast and he's gotta be braced
for the fight-what? I'm blogging right n-oh!


Hey everyone! I'm in Hawaii and apperantly so is Bonnie Tyler...

So three days ago (yesterday's yesterday's yesterday) we had some tropical fun. We
went SNORKELLING*!!! We went to where there was a large wall of rocks
to break the waves. It was still quite wavy though...any who, we went
snorkelling there and saw many colourful fishies <3.

I suck at using flippers.

We went for dinner at this amazing resteraunt. Not amazing for its
swankiness (for it was quite shabby in actuallity), but for its food
quantity and quality! We ordered our meals (I had Wor Won Ton Mein)
and within 5 minutes, a MASSIVE bowl of soup arrived (along with all
of my family's orders but that doesn't matter). Spectacular soup.

Chopsticks can give you your TONGUE!!!

There are chickens everywhere. Hundreds of them. Entire chicken
families. Silly flightless birds. Its impossible to go hungry hear.
Just kill yourself a chicken. Nom nom nom.

One gets attatched to common farm birds.

Tomorrow's yesterday's yesterday's yesterday we lazed about at the hotel. Watched
TV, went swimming, found WiFi in the lobby, went swimming, had supper
(pizza hut), watched TV, slept. It was amazing. This entire place is
gorgeous. Pictures will be editted into this post.

A professional standard Macbook Pro would cost me $2, iMac
will cost me $2,888...a Mac Desktop will cost me $13,000. But I'd have
8TB of internal hardrive space.

Well I'm off to an unpronounceable Hawaiian village!

Hey look! Its the Pacific Ocean!

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