Monday, July 5, 2010

You! On the Facebook page, reading Nolan's update... Click here!

So, looking at the amount of activity we got last week I think it's safe to conclude that like 80% of all of our readers either work at Northland, or just happened to be gone and return at the same time.

Nolan, can you confirm this?

That aside though, if you've been with the blog a really long time, you'll know I don't have much to say whenever that silly teenage-emotional-nonsense part of my brain kicks in and says:
"Mike: Your depressed as of now. Go burn."
Aaand, for the sake of avoiding what one commenter aptly described as "Vogan Poetry", I'll spare you all a rant... For now. But that means you get TWO next time!

Hope your all enjoying your summer! I'm betting yours has a whole lot less cold basements than mine does.

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