Tuesday, August 31, 2010

To sum it all up.


Toms for Toms


So a friend of mine mentioned this company that makes shoes. They're not much to look at, just a canvas style slip on shoe, but the message behind them is much stronger. Toms for Toms was started by a young guy named Blake Mycoskie. He went to South America to learn how to sail and play polo, but after making such strong bonds with the children there he felt called to help them. In his Myspace profile he openly confesses his Christianity and his love for the bible. The idea is almost so obvious yet we tend to overlook it. It's one of the most mentioned things in Jesus' teachings, put others first.

Luke 14:13-14
But when you give a banquet, invite the poor, the crippled, the lame, the blind, and you will be blessed. Although they cannot repay you, you will be repaid at the resurrection of the righteous

Whenever you purchase a pair of Toms a second pair is given to a child in need of shoes. Most children in developing countries grow up barefoot. Whether at play, doing chores or just getting around, these children are at risk.

Walking is often the primary mode of transportation in developing countries. Children can walk for miles to get food, water, shelter and medical help. Wearing shoes literally enables them to walk distances that aren't possible barefoot.

Wearing shoes prevents feet from getting cuts and sores on unsafe roads and from contaminated soil. Not only are these injuries painful, they also are dangerous when wounds become infected. The leading cause of disease in developing countries is soil-transmitted parasites which penetrate the skin through open sores. Wearing shoes can prevent this and the risk of amputation.

Many times children can't attend school barefoot because shoes are a required part of their uniform. If they don't have shoes, they don't go to school. If they don't receive an education, they don't have the opportunity to realize their potential.

There is one simple solution...SHOES.

Of the planet's six billion people, four billion live in conditions inconceivable to many. Lets take a step towards a better tomorrow.

Blake Mycoskie has taken Awesome to a whole new level.

Visit his website here.

Monday, August 30, 2010


Well, not reaaally bitter.

Someone rated my previous post "Fail".

*Sad face emoticon*

I am asuming they were fans of tax raising, life meddling Liberals.

As you can see I dislike Liberals (Democrats if you are American).

They raise taxes and meddle in people's lives. They usually go against biblically correct standards and are just plain evil.

Apperantly, abortions, terrorists, and spending-money-that-you-don't-have are all good things, B. Hussein O.

What kind of parent names their child after a mass murderering dictator. Other then Mrs. Stalin and her little Joe Jr. of course.


Did you know that it takes a while to render any sort of action with 25,000,000 pixels of Awesomeness?

I think we should start capitalizing Awesome and its varients from now on.

This rule is Awesome.

Planets are big as a general rule. Except for Pluto. But it still is a planet. Don't give me this Dwarf crap.

Pluto is Awesome.


The heat, I have decided, is pagan.

The heat can kill people if there is enough of this heat such and such.

Heat stroke, heat exhaustion, being burned alive, dehydration (although this is slightly indirect. For instance, you must not have drunk anything. At all.), heat cramps, heat mob-exciting-people-stampeding-effects, etc.

That's why people build heat reducers.

An example of a heat reducer is a basement.

And water.

Not boiling water, though.

Boiling water is a rapid way to transfer thermal energry from water into peoples soon-to-be blistered flesh.

Nom nom nom.



First Day of School


Hey so I'm back from my first day at school! It was really short (only 1 hour). I got my classes and I'm Co-oping with Nathan Livingston, the youth pastor who lives down the street from my school. I also have an art class and a spare. Probably the easiest semester on earth.

My second semester is almost as easy, I have philosophy, which I'm really excited for. I also have Performance class probably my favouritest class of ALL time! and I don't remember my other class because its really useless. I also have a spare that semester! YES!

I have NO math or SCIENCE!

This will be the best year EVER

Today after the hour of school was done a couple friends hit up Value Village for the 50 percent off sale! Alot of the merchandise was gone but we still managed to find some cool finds. But none of extravagent interest. Unlike Nolans light and Bens pyjamas.

After value village we went to Jesse's house for a swim and ended the day with mcdonalds! :)

Awesome because it can

Awesome.... a word that has become so familiar in so many houses. Its hard to explain awesome, aside from my fellow bloggers and I. I believe the only things that can describe awesome are: Chuck Norris, Sean Lee, hitting zombies in the head with aluminum bats and heppy.

The Blog is again being raised to full awesomeness levels. All of the bloggers have returned from camp and are ready to awesome it up once more. Again there are many things being planned for the Blog. Hopefully, the blog will expand to other places and the video series should also start to pick up. The blog has recently been fortunate enough to come across a new video camera, and hence a new way of capturing awesome in a way never before seen. All of our videos from Ben's blogs, to our Russian blogs/missions are going well and there is even rumor of Abraham Lincoln making an appearance. Though that is highly unconfirmed.

Watch for awesome.......its often found in the strangest places


He Doesn't Care!

I sacrificed my morning Starcraft for5 himand he tries to steal the computer and kill me using the age old 6+12dibs rule. at the moment he is trying tom take the computer from me! HELP!


He's done now.


He says he's joking.

He is my little, awesome brother.

We were having a very large stuffed animal fight. I threw the monkey, he threw the frog, I threw the mouse, and threw the other frog. Etc. Chaos insued. There was a fan on the floor. Many bits of bedding and couch cusions and pillows and the like. Now he tries to kill me. How is this fair?

Brb. I'm thirsty.

Back. I have peach juice (small heart emoticon).

Peach juice all gone :(

Anywho, today I am going to the beach. At the beach there is sand. And possibly goose feces. Geces if you will...There is water at the beach. Water to swim in on a hot summer day. Oh how I miss the cool breezes of Hawaii! And Northland! Alas.

My brother just played an abusive catapulting game for an hour. It was satisfying.

Now (as in not now but very soon) I must go deliver papers to indignant customers. I deliver the Sudbury Star. A waste of paper in itself. Run by incompetents for incompetents. Well, maybe not for incompetents...

I need a real job.

I also need $1,500. These two things kind of go hand in hand.

I just made an image 5,000x5,000 pixels. Its taking a while to Motion Blur. Renderring sucks.

Still haven't done papers...

I'm becoming increasingly selfconscious of the fact that I write in point format too much...

People suck. Not you people. Just people. In general. Liberals, usually.


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Camp Jetlag


Timmy just pulled off his toenail.

Anyway, does anyone feel the sad switch from Northland Bible Camp to normal life. I start school tomorrow and I seriously feel so down about it.
There's nothing more I hate than the smell of school... and SNOW. AND not being able to see Ben and Nolan every day ahhaha..

I just really hope this year goes reaaally fast! and then i'm off to college!
I love my life haha I just got invited to a CORN roast! I LOVE corn!

Anyway this will be cut short. Here's a song from camp.

Of Camp and the Residents of Timmins

Oh Hai! Look at this now... I've actually taken the time to make a post!

Unfortunately, this will be the last one until I'm fully moved in to my new abode and settled into University life... So be sure to hang on every word and try not to fall asleep before the end of the next few lines! (We have reprogrammed some of the Angry Robot Gnomes to use large buckets of cold water in just such a case)

So Camp Happened. If you were to look up camp in the dictionary, some of the alternate definitions would probably be:
"Meaning of Life",
"A place where one may go and experience Awesome in a near material state"
"A Location wherein a individual may feel alive"
"See: Chuck Norris"

It was amazing. Really, besides the fact that there was other people there and I had to occasionally be social... It was definitely my favorite week of the year. So much so, in fact, that I've prepared a not-so-brief day by day log for your viewing pleasure.

Day I:
*sniffs the air* Do you smell that? That's the smell of anticipation in the air.
Or at least I assume it is... Does Anticipation have a smell?
Curse you lack of smelling sense.

Nolan, Ben and I arrived earlier then most everybody there, so we were able to sit down first and awkwardly pretend to get excited at every new arrival. It was good times. After we registered, we all got these name tags, so In order to clarify any confusion that might be present with people mixing me up with another blogger... I wrote down my name as: "Not Abraham Lincoln". I think that finally got Becky Cornthwaite to believe me.
In all though, Teams were formed, Messages were spoken, and good times were had all around as people did the whole socializing thing.

Day II:
I'm not sure why, but this is the third year running where i just get really depressed on the second day. I suppose it usually takes until then for me to realize that just because I can't fit in, doesn't mean I can't enjoy myself fully.

I was depressed, so I spent most of my free time learning Verses (In case your unfamiliar with bible camp, each team is tasked with memorizing verses to get the team points... Its usually worth alot more then the sports or challenges)

In the end... Pretty sure the highlight of the day for me was going to sleep at the end of the night.

Day III:

My Depression is now washed off along with the dirt, grime, blood, and scabbing material. I can go about being my normal Geeky self!
I also noticed something really neat today... People react differently to my beard depending on their Gender.
If it's a guy, then in the words of Nate Elliott: "It's like your beard makes me want to follow you and believe everything you say". But if the person's of the female Variety? They seem really disgusted and keep their distance.

I am SO keeping the beard now.

More Sports, Wide Game, Team Challenge, Night Game, Messages, People Being Social, and Mike Wright.

Also, I rolled off a cliff. My Shoulder complains much.

Day IV:
One of my goals at Youth Camp was to get to know some of the people I'll be going to University with a bit better. This was mostly a failure. Robert Pankiw was nonexistent at Camp, Pretty sure Lauren Woods is somewhere between the realms of being "Completely and totally repulsed" and "Scared" and If Julia Beerman was even at Camp, I never got to meet her.
I did, however, get to know Mike Wright quite a bit better. And despite how... "special" he can be at times, I look forward to attempting to be a nonstop source of annoyance to him in the future.

The Sports this year seemed really badly designed... We didn't get to play every sport or even play against every team.
And speaking of Sports, I managed to pay Nathaniel in caramel popcorn to help our team for a day... That was the worst bag of popcorn I have ever spent.

I also really started to wish people would stop calling me Ninja. I can assure you all, I am more comparable to a feral and discoordinated monkey with the IQ of a toilet.

Day V:
Ahhh Thursdays. Have I ever told you all how much I love Thursdays?
So much Awesome in one day, it's hard to remember it without just dieing from a brain seizure.
First we had the Taliban... Which was pretty much the Mink Cabin wearing their shirts like Turbans, and going around stealing stuff. Including Nathaniel Martin. (An eyewitness described his seizure as being similar to rape). So Mike Wright, having a brilliant-and-in-no-way-childish mind, formed Northland Anti Terrorist Organization (NATO) and took to the field of battle.
It ended as a giant battle with Fists, Swords, Waterguns and Lysol... I know somebody out there has it on video... If your reading this, please upload!
Anyway, that was the most brilliantly Childish thing I've done since I was 10. I regret nothing.

Baptism after that... A big congrats to all of you for taking that step. I hope it went better then my Baptism way back when... I had Water in my ear for a good 2 days after.

Next came the Variety night, which was pretty good... But in retrospect, I think Llama's in Hat's is best left as a youtube video.

Day VI:
At this point, everybody is having a hard time getting up, and breakfast is getting closer and closer to the timeframe of Lunch. Thankfully though, it's also the last day.

We had to take the docks apart as usual... But didn't quite have the manpower to move the heaviest piece on our own. Thankfully, Wally came around after that pretty much just tossed all the dock pieces onto shore himself. With one arm.
Go Wally.

The Mohawk fad reached it's height with the addition of Joel Black... I've never seen a cult grow in numbers quite as fast as this week. If we had stayed another day, you'd probably be looking at a group photo of all of us bloggers with Mohawks. Thankfully though, that reality didn't come to pass.

Next came the Banquet, and all of the amazing suits therein. Props to Brian and Nolan for most awesome garments.

Then, my very patient reader, came the worst part of camp: Goodbyes.

I almost got to skip it all too! I managed to sneak off to Ben's car and was just going to wait there until people were done repeatedly hugging eachother... And besides one awkward half hug, I managed to escape unscathed. I then fell asleep in Ben's car, and woke up 2 hours later to discover...
They were still saying goodbye.

: (

Post - Day VI:
We went over to Timmins before returning to Sudbury and stopped by Joel's place where I was introduced to what can only be described as a Demon hiding in the body of a young teenager... Timothy Black.
He was... entertaining. I didin't really know people could ask that many questions in a minute.
Right before we left, Joel proclaimed I was destined to marry Anastasia (This is where the term "I'd sooner kiss a Wookie" began to enter my mind) and began to make up for all of the awkward hugs I escaped at camp by attacking me with a quick series of Hugs. Or rather, I suspect he was attempting to extract my stomach acid by sheer squeezing force.

Then after a night's sleep... We hit the road and returned to our old lives.

Saturday, August 28, 2010



I can't thank God more for the summer he gave me this year. It was truly awesome and I enjoyed every minute of it.

There's nothing more encouraging than camp and this year I took it more seriously than ever it was really cool. Gary Goodkey spoke and it was awesome!

My cabin... The Otter (Walrus Noise) was so awesome! and our councellor was probably the coolest guy on earth ahhaha it was alot of fun.

Everyone got mohawks and I know this will be repeated through every post from the other guys ahha but I mean you at least get a triple dose of awesome!

Tonight I'm going to an end of the year party (Pop and chip party just in case "fellow Christian" is reading.) The party is at first baptist church and its going to be loads of fun! Yeaaaaaaaaaah!

My battery is dieing... so I have to go.

I promise posts will become more regular when i'm more settled in haha.

Well That Was Interesting

Home, home on the range!

Well I'm back folks. I hoped you missed me. Even though you probably ALL were at Youth Camp.

Yes, I am the Nathanael who writes on the blog to the two people who asked. I feel loved!

Come to the Sudbury Youth Conference. DO it!

Nolan is the leader of a cult. Or two. But I'm only talking about the one involving twelve bajillion mohawks.

I should really stop writing in random, point format.


Camp was great. We had an amazing (convicting >.<) speaker (Gary Goodkey[?]). We had an amazing director/head counsellor person (Chris Cornthwite[?]). We had an amazing time. There were sports to skip, teams to swap, verses to learn, games to play, food to eat, messages to hear, people to socialize (hah) with, strange men with mohawks...it had everything except technology...

Starcraft 2 is aw-NO! No more point format!

To be honest, the whole experience was a learning one. You get to learn about others, you get to learn about (Uh oh...beware the cheesyness...) yourself, you get to learn about God, you get to learn about the Bible, you get to learn about docks, you get to learn about how to learn (seriously), you get to learn about hair.

Starcraft 2 is so aw-*SLAP*

Ah well. A random story will be given tomorrow. Until then...


Starcraft 2 is so very awesome.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Wash Day

IT's the Saturday afternoon that I have off before youth camp. I'm sitting in a pile of clothes and slowly sorting through the dirty and clean. I'm a person who just needs to pack EVERYTHING when they go away from home, my droors.. are empty. At least my room looks clean.

This was probably the most fun week of camp, I co-councelled with Thomas Vezina and we both just let our campers do whatever they wanted. Most of our nights were spent staying up till 12:30 talking, sometimes even Nolan would join us. haha

It rained all week which was a bummer, but it didn't hold us back at all. We watched some Tim Hawkins (Homeschooling C0median) and just sucked it up, playing most of our games in the rain.
The definite best part was teh surprise night game for the campers! We played mission impossible, a game where councellors catch kids sneaking across a feild full of obstacles in the dark. The theme was Russian army. We surprised them during their snack by shutting off the lights and storming the dining lodge. When they started screaming it sounded as if we were at senior girls... seriously. it was so fun just to see how much they all enjoyed it, and well... scaring the kids was awesome.
anyway Boston Pizza tonight for the pre-youth camp partaaaaaay!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Justin Bieber...


Nolan out!

Woot! Just WOOT!!

Sooooo........ pretty sure today was amazing. In fact, this whole week was basically amazing. why you ask? Well to start, it was hockey camp which means an abundence of gym, pool, diving boards, sauna and great dryland training. So yeah, that was hockey camp EVERY DAY!! But the best part was tonight.

We got into Timmins and went to Jesse's house for sauna (this was after picking up a LARGE amount of pop) We saunad it up and got it hot enough that the wood stove was a nice shade of orange. I think I may have some first degree burns. After the sauna we went in and watched a very....VERY cheesy movie. Now there were several things that made this movie awesome (it was not the acting). The first thing was that we watched the whole thing at 1.5 speed, this made for somewhat epic scenes. An example of this is a normal tap on the shoulder....is turned into a POWNAGE punch. The thing that made the movie the most epic, however, was the very first line in the credits.

"This film was made by 40 homeschoolers with some professional training"

Are homeschoolers awesome? I think we all know the answer to that one.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Homeward Bound


The vacation has come to an end. Two spectacular weeks among the spectacular islands of spectacular Hawaii.

Walked in a cloud, climbed multiple mountains (or at least very large hills), been within inches of death, hiked along a volcano, watched lava flow, went swimming in the ocean (Pacific) multiple times, seen all sorts of pretty lil' fishies, enjoyed shaved ice (LOTS of shaved ice), viewed waterfalls in action, and been to Seattle.

Thank heavens for lobby computers.

Wi-Fi detox. It can be done.

Free breakfasts are amazing.

There's a MASSIVE Elmo in this lobby.

So in minutes we leave Hawaii. A plane will take us away to Atlanta. Then a smaller plane will take us to Toronto. Then a van will take us to Sudbury. A much colder place with a distinct lack of ocean. Blast you, northern winds.

Apple just came out with a 12 core Mac Pro. $4,999.

I am being summoned!

When I return there will be many pictures. Muaha.

Temporary Leave of Absense

Just thought i'd let ya'll know... I'm done blogging for a few weeks. Possibly Months.
That's right... No more will you be forced to endure my horrible sense of Geeky humor!
No more will you be subject to my simple one picture posts of absolutely no relevance.
No more will you be forced in epileptic spasms as you contemplate how incredibly dashing the author of such posts must be.
No more... For a long while.

I've simply run out of steam here... Day after day of writing posts that get increasingly less noteworthy. It's hard to justify my writing as it stands right now. And I also thought it best to take a break for awhile... Because see, were leading up to the launch of a project I'm calling: "Awesome 2.0"

Yes, you can interpret that as meaning a new definition to the word awesome.

And so I'll see you all then! G'day Internet Plebians and may you all avoid random abduction by crazed Martians in the meantime! (Hint: you can punch them in their antenna to make them blind!)

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Big Fight


Friday, August 6, 2010

Toilet Vampires


I recently have been asked by the current President of the United States of America, Barack Obama, to help him with a problem he's been having; "under the radar," of course. At first I objected due to concerns of publicity, but after being assured that it would be in secret, I agreed. Now this issue which he faced was quite obviously the silliest thing I have ever witnessed. *laughter*. He had this fear, that toilet dwelling vampires would take a nibble from his rear end while taking care of his personal business. I laughed when he told this to me, but out of respect and curiosity, I looked in to it. I took out the tools of my trade and begin the investigation on the president's toilet. There was really nothing significant...except for this odd residue resembling dried blood near the bottom of the toilet, and although this may account for the president's story, in my professional opinion, it is most likely hemorrhoids. So, for those of you reading this, there is nothing to fear about your toilet.. or those dwelling within it.

Cottage Fever?


Ahh Holidays, they come and go so fast.. Tommorow I head home and should be arriving around 9:00 or 10:00 P.M. I absolutely cannot wait to go back to camp, like there are billions of excited monkeys jumping around inside my stomach! Starting Sunday is Hockey Camp! I get to work kitchen which means a lot of free time to really rest and get back into the regular sleeping pattern.

Anyway this Holiday I visited my cousins cottage and while we were sitting there with nothing to do I remembered the many good times in Jesse Fontaine's sauna. I suggested to my cousins that we go to the island in the middle of the lake and build a sauna.

How to Build a Homemade Sauna


  • Multiple Tarps (or one large one)
  • Barbecue Grills
  • Supports/ Sticks
  • Shovels
  • Camfire
  • Rocks

Step 1: Dig a hole about 1-2 feet deep

Step 2: Built at least a 1 foot high wall around and add wooden supports with one large support in the middle and all supported with rocks.

Step 3: Drape tarps over support cover all excess holes with more tarps, garbage bags, or if desperate spruce or pine tree bows covered with sand.

To Operate

To operate the sauna heat the rocks at least 1-2 hours before use. Make sure the fire is close but not INSIDE or too close to the tarps. When the rocks are heated gradually move them inside the Sauna. Then pour water on them to create the steam!

Here's a picture of the inside which could seat up to 6 or more people.


The Top 10 Worst things to come out of Video Gaming

10: Slippy Toad
Slippy... Never has anything so green illicited so much frustration from so many. You'll know exactly what I mean if any of these phrases ring a bell:
"Fox! Get this guy off me!"
"This is really starting to tick me off."
"Oh no!"
He's just one of those characters that you learn to hate so much that you often actively want the villains to kill him off just so that you at least get a single mission with peace and quiet. Seriously, Go back to talking about your social insecurities with Tails and Squall or something. We don't want you here.

9: Navi

This is what our blog would look like if Navi was a blogger:
"HEY! LISTEN! Are you looking this way? Hey look over here! It's a poll! Hey! You remember Saria? Maybe you should talk to her. Look! Are you paying attention to me yet? Hey! Did I mention you should talk to Saria? LISTEN!"

8: Button Mashers
I think you all know the feeling. You're playing the game that you've been practicing for months, a friend of yours comes over and picks up the controller for the first time. You begin the match and promise to take it easy on him. He starts hitting the buttons furiously, sometimes even using his skull to hit more buttons at the same time. And all of a sudden you realize: "Hey... I'm losing!" You stop giving him a chance right off and work as hard as you can to defeat this flurry of button pushing, but alas, it is not enough. You lose. You're friend then starts spinning on the floor in a Homer Simpson style victory dance. You excuse yourself to the washroom and vomit away your feeling of injustice.

7: Xbox Live
Here's an actual transcript of the meeting between Microsoft Developers as they planned Xbox Live:
"Obese Developer: '... And that gentleman, is Xbox Live in a nutshell.'
Rational Developer:  'Soo, let me get this straight... You want to charge users for an online service that would be free on any other platform, charge them again for every little thing they buy, keep them addicted by adding easy to develop achievements in every game, AND make sure that they still cant ever get into a decent match online?"
Grubby Developer: 'I do like the sound of that!'
Obese Developer: 'Rational Developer, your fired. You know we have rules against being just'"

6: Farmville
If you don't have this blocked on facebook, your a bad person.
If, heaven forbid, you actually TRIED IT, you are a horrible person
If you ACTUALLY PLAY IT. Well then, consider your blog reading privileges suspended as I no longer even consider you human.

No I don't have any rational reason for hating this. I just do. Now go away.

5: Cloud Strife

Wait, Cloud Strife? The monumental character that made Final Fantasy 7 such a smash hit? The secret fantasy love interest of every Female Japanifile that ever existed? Why is he on this list?
Well it's simple really... In my humble opinion, he helped invent the whole "emo" style of people. Suddenly there was an ultra-popular character out there who, instead of showing massive strength of character when faced with a problem, would more then likely turn, run, cry, and moan about his problems for the next 6 hours of gameplay. Suddenly it was cool to be a weak-willed everyman with no strength of mind.
Well you know what? Cloud had a MASSIVE SWORD THAT WAS BIGGER THAN HE WAS.
Tell me Emo-person, Do you have one of those? No? Well then I guess you cant be like Cloud! Now stop whining about that girl who accidentally looked at you or whatever.

4: Kingdom Hearts
This is really unfair of me... Because in all honesty, Kingdom Hearts is an amazing game. It plays out really well and it has an amazing amount of depth, quality, and reasons to keep playing... But...
It's neat and all to see Jack Sparrow, Cloud, Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse, Axle and any other number of other crossovers all in the same game... But I still can't figure out which is more childish: The ridiculous anime peoples of Final Fantasy, or the classic children icons of Disney? The storyline manages to combine the worst parts of both.
I didn't really enjoy going from the singing and dancing of The Little Mermaids's Atlantica to the nonsensical storyline involving peoples hearts, alternate realities, and any number of Japanese cliches.

Just please give me an option to NOT play as a character with the mental capacity of a 5 year old and I'll be fine.

3: Superman 64

2: Mike Daoust
Better to not have gaming then to have this guy lurking around somewhere.

1: Super Mario Bros the Movie

I hesitate to put this as number 1 because it's so downright terrible that it has to be one of the funniest things you could ever hope to watch. Honestly, I really never wanted to imagine Mario being some New-York plumber who discovers a secret cave that leads to a land of dinosaur people. I REALLY didn't want to see Goombas as some kind of wierd cut-out alien that probably would look cheesy in the original series Star Trek, and above all, I did NOT want to see Mario rationalized and explained away in what is possibly one of the worst movies ever to air in a public theater.If nothing else, it's proof that Hollywood has no quality standards.
Do not watch if you value your eyes, for they will surely bleed.

Thursday, August 5, 2010


I have pondered for many days what I would say in this post. It seems so hard, my words so empty.....there are no words to describe what has happened. Our beloved camp truck Elaenor has passed on. I know this might bring a sick feeling to many of you. I know of several who were particularly found of dear Elaenor. The only thing I can say is that she died in the line of duty. She was carrying a load of lumber and upon her return trip, she suffered a fatal engine attack. She was immediately pulled over to the side of the road where she passed away peacefully. She was faithful to the end, working hard when most trucks her age had long since retired. So in conclustion to this sad news I would just like to say, fairwell Elaenor, we will miss you....

Double Ew.


I seriously love this blog, it's like my pride and joy (after Jesus of course!) but really, a couple days ago I was in future shop, shopping for a pocket HD camcorder and I couldn't locate any! So in my frustration I asked an employee where the HD camcorders were. Then I explained that I wanted a handheld pocket one for the blog I co-post on. DOUBLE YAAP. I was darn proud, prouder than an American on independance day!

You'll probably hear us explain this story numerous times in the video blogs we did while on the missions trip but it was probably one of best...

Double Ew

This story all started in the upstairs of the gymnasium we were doing our Vacation Bible School in. There was a small room off to the side of the main area where the boys would sleep. They would also store all the supplies needed for our VBS. It was the Wednesday morning before the VBS started and Erin and I decided to take a power nap so that we could be extra energized for the upcoming day. While we were resting Wally (Our Leader) was organizing supplies. As we were about to sleep he picked up a gooey toy spider and in a snobby teenage tone said "ew." then he picked up a second spider and said "Double ew." and walked away. Erin and I sat there for a couple moments pondering what had just happened. We weren't sure if we should laugh or not. I slipped out a giggle and then Erin burst out laughing. Soon we were both there laughing as hard as we could at what had just progressed before our eyes. For the rest of the week we "Double Ew'd" everything and didn't pass up a chance to tell the hilarious story.

So anyway I have a couple photo's and stuff from the cottage and I'll be posting them along with our cottage adventures. I sure miss it, but I mean it's nice to have Wifi again..


Nolan Out!



Nolan Out!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

500th Friend!


I have hit the 500 mark on Facebook! This means one of 3 things!
  1. I am popular!
  2. People feel sorry for me!
  3. I have no life!

I'm going with number one it makes me feel better!

... And since today is such a big day in Nolan's Facebook world I thought I would dedicate this post to a bunch of my friends!

So without further ado a special thanks to...
  • Ben Davey for having a Nice car!
  • Joel Black for being Joel Black!
  • Mike Daoust for being a computer geek!
  • Nathanael Martin for being Homeschooled!
  • Sam Desrosiers For being Awesome!
  • Breanna Broughton for having a pool & WiFi!
  • Beatrice Blouin for being so good at selling babies on ebay!!
  • Allie White for being there!
  • Brandon Powers because he is a Zelda fan!
  • Charity Henson for the long talks!
  • Chuck Norris for lending me some of his Awesome!
  • Dan John for his great hair!
  • Jonny Sachro for the good times!
  • Lauren Woods for long talks about the end of the world!
  • Kevin and Irvin Armitage for making me cry at 5 day club!
  • James Collins for the excitement and the many adrenalin rushes!
  • Mrs. Broughton for being the coolest mom I know(Next to my own of course)!
  • Matthew Farrar for being hilarious!
  • Melissa Fong for making me a sand which!
  • Dave Houston for being a conkey!
And last but Not least...
  • My Split Personality for be so sexy!

...There is no order to this list so don't worry and I know there are lots of you who I didn't get to say anything to specifically! But thanks for being my friend! You guys all mean more then Numbers on Facebook to me!

Nolan Out!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Starcraft & Alien Swarm!

So since I am in Sudbury for this week I figured I should post. I mean who really wants to read post from anyone but me, right? I am the best blogger! By Far!

Okay I am done with my egotistical(Cool, A big word) rant, but I will say it was very enjoyable.

And I am sure you all enjoyed it more then any other post as well... Opps! I'm sorry I said I was done! I'm done for real this time!

So yesterday was Monday!
And today is Tuesday!
Tomorrow is Wednesday!

Okay I'll stop being Obvious!
And tell you that on Monday Mr. Daoust came and hung out at my house all day and all night. We played a Myriad(Another big word) of video games.
We played Alien swarm, and failed... Then Zach and Matt came and helped and then we stopped failing, won and beat them aliens back to the abyss from where they came!

Then on Tuesday, Today, We played Starcraft all day! And I must say it is a very old game, and yet still an AWESOME game!

Ohh! And before I forget! You should download steam, if you don't already have it then go and buy Alien Swarm, It's free so you don't need to buy it. So there!

On a side note! Get ready For Moonlaser It is AWESOME!

Well I am off to Mikes house to play some more video games! COUNTER STRIKE HERE I COME!

Nolan Out!

So good you won't believe its not Polls

You ever notice how the words "poop" and "polls" are just a few letters away from eachother? No? Me either.

 So! It's time to once again look back at our history and contemplate our past opinions. Much excitement and anticipation ensues, and a few old men just had a heart attack! That's right, its poll recount time!

Which of these words best describe Joel?

Chair - 2 Votes (14%)
Democracy - 0 Votes (0%)
Plasma - 0 Votes (0%)
Medicine - 3 Votes (21%)
Delete - 8 Votes (57%)
Scotland - 1 Vote (7%)

And now children, here's what we can learn!

  • At least one person thinks that Joel is North of Britain
  • Joel is known to cure ailments
  • Joel is, as he should be, a communist.
  • Joel is more Chair like then Plasma like. This means he can be controlled and sat on.
  • But above all, Joel destroys.

And that's the facts! Come back next time for some insight into the future marital life of one of the bloggers!

This also needed Sharing


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Old People


Sometimes it boggles my mind to watch what old people do for fun... Today I spent from 2:00 to 8:00 at an old people party. What they deem as "Party" is much different from a pop and chip movie night that us goodie-two-shoes teens may define the word as. The afternoon started by rounding up everyone and sharing old photos. After that an old person that I think is a relative got up and pulled out a mini tape deck and some sheet music. As it was my great aunt and uncles 50th anniversary he wrote a song about them. As he sang I thought it was a joke so I was laughing a bit... but I soon realized this was out of all seriousness... Well... I'm still not sure but it sounded like he was trying to be serious. 

After that we had a few appetizers and nonsensical chit chat, things were getting really boring. My grandma, noticing the lack of fun announced "Lets sing some more songs!". So there goes my far distant relative pulling out his tape deck and sheet music to start singing some more foreign classics that only the 70+ aged adults seemed to know. At this point I couldn't bear it any more and decided to play Frisbee with one of the younger grandchildren. He was 4 years old (I think) and seemed to be content in his Frisbee skills... BUT I totally PWNED him. As he realized he sucked at the game he decided he wanted to play soccer. As time went on my energy started to drain from the constant chasing and the hot sun. I suddenly came up with a brilliant plan! I started kicking the ball as far as I could so he would chase it and retrieve it (much like a dog). It was magnificent!

After that the meal was served so I was occupied for the remainder of the evening with food and the "Monkey Kick" app for Iphone, you can check it out here.

I also for the first time since "Finding Nemo" have enjoyed an animated film.. "Up" stole my heart as I watched it. It was the perfect balance between humor and plot. It was absolutely brilliantly set up and even though it was extremely sad it was overcome by the humor. At the end of the movie I was astounded, it was just so well done, that's all I can say. I exceptionly support the views of marriage in the movie (Probably the best part).

Anyway I'm off to watch another movie, YAY for holidays eh.

I have a Friend...

So as most of you readers know I have a friend...

... Well I have 498 friends according to Facebook...

... But I am not talking about them...

... This friend doesn't even have Facebook...

... Yes, as you may have already guessed, this Friend is a slacker...

... This friend is none other then Samuel Adam Desrosiers...

... He is a Famous Movie Producer he has made Millions and Trillions of dollars...

... He has given all of his earnings to Mike Daoust for over working him...

... Here is a movie trailer for his movie...

p.s. This is a funny picture I found...
Nolan Out!