Wednesday, August 4, 2010

500th Friend!

I have hit the 500 mark on Facebook! This means one of 3 things!
  1. I am popular!
  2. People feel sorry for me!
  3. I have no life!

I'm going with number one it makes me feel better!

... And since today is such a big day in Nolan's Facebook world I thought I would dedicate this post to a bunch of my friends!

So without further ado a special thanks to...
  • Ben Davey for having a Nice car!
  • Joel Black for being Joel Black!
  • Mike Daoust for being a computer geek!
  • Nathanael Martin for being Homeschooled!
  • Sam Desrosiers For being Awesome!
  • Breanna Broughton for having a pool & WiFi!
  • Beatrice Blouin for being so good at selling babies on ebay!!
  • Allie White for being there!
  • Brandon Powers because he is a Zelda fan!
  • Charity Henson for the long talks!
  • Chuck Norris for lending me some of his Awesome!
  • Dan John for his great hair!
  • Jonny Sachro for the good times!
  • Lauren Woods for long talks about the end of the world!
  • Kevin and Irvin Armitage for making me cry at 5 day club!
  • James Collins for the excitement and the many adrenalin rushes!
  • Mrs. Broughton for being the coolest mom I know(Next to my own of course)!
  • Matthew Farrar for being hilarious!
  • Melissa Fong for making me a sand which!
  • Dave Houston for being a conkey!
And last but Not least...
  • My Split Personality for be so sexy!

...There is no order to this list so don't worry and I know there are lots of you who I didn't get to say anything to specifically! But thanks for being my friend! You guys all mean more then Numbers on Facebook to me!

Nolan Out!


  1. That's awesome! You're a great friend! Haha Iove that you mentioned Sam even though he doesn't have Facebook. And don't forget how awesome my mom is! :P

  2. Al's mom is awesome....but pretty sure that after all I've done for you, I deserve more than a nice
    car thanks! I am stating my disapproval!

  3. This is probably the best post ever made on the blog. Props to you!
    Although there is one faulty, Ruthie, is defiantly the coolest and strongest mom and could Pwn brees mom any day at an armwrestle. (she can already beat me..)