Monday, August 30, 2010

Awesome because it can

Awesome.... a word that has become so familiar in so many houses. Its hard to explain awesome, aside from my fellow bloggers and I. I believe the only things that can describe awesome are: Chuck Norris, Sean Lee, hitting zombies in the head with aluminum bats and heppy.

The Blog is again being raised to full awesomeness levels. All of the bloggers have returned from camp and are ready to awesome it up once more. Again there are many things being planned for the Blog. Hopefully, the blog will expand to other places and the video series should also start to pick up. The blog has recently been fortunate enough to come across a new video camera, and hence a new way of capturing awesome in a way never before seen. All of our videos from Ben's blogs, to our Russian blogs/missions are going well and there is even rumor of Abraham Lincoln making an appearance. Though that is highly unconfirmed.

Watch for awesome.......its often found in the strangest places


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