Monday, August 30, 2010


Well, not reaaally bitter.

Someone rated my previous post "Fail".

*Sad face emoticon*

I am asuming they were fans of tax raising, life meddling Liberals.

As you can see I dislike Liberals (Democrats if you are American).

They raise taxes and meddle in people's lives. They usually go against biblically correct standards and are just plain evil.

Apperantly, abortions, terrorists, and spending-money-that-you-don't-have are all good things, B. Hussein O.

What kind of parent names their child after a mass murderering dictator. Other then Mrs. Stalin and her little Joe Jr. of course.


Did you know that it takes a while to render any sort of action with 25,000,000 pixels of Awesomeness?

I think we should start capitalizing Awesome and its varients from now on.

This rule is Awesome.

Planets are big as a general rule. Except for Pluto. But it still is a planet. Don't give me this Dwarf crap.

Pluto is Awesome.


The heat, I have decided, is pagan.

The heat can kill people if there is enough of this heat such and such.

Heat stroke, heat exhaustion, being burned alive, dehydration (although this is slightly indirect. For instance, you must not have drunk anything. At all.), heat cramps, heat mob-exciting-people-stampeding-effects, etc.

That's why people build heat reducers.

An example of a heat reducer is a basement.

And water.

Not boiling water, though.

Boiling water is a rapid way to transfer thermal energry from water into peoples soon-to-be blistered flesh.

Nom nom nom.



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