Thursday, August 5, 2010

Double Ew.

I seriously love this blog, it's like my pride and joy (after Jesus of course!) but really, a couple days ago I was in future shop, shopping for a pocket HD camcorder and I couldn't locate any! So in my frustration I asked an employee where the HD camcorders were. Then I explained that I wanted a handheld pocket one for the blog I co-post on. DOUBLE YAAP. I was darn proud, prouder than an American on independance day!

You'll probably hear us explain this story numerous times in the video blogs we did while on the missions trip but it was probably one of best...

Double Ew

This story all started in the upstairs of the gymnasium we were doing our Vacation Bible School in. There was a small room off to the side of the main area where the boys would sleep. They would also store all the supplies needed for our VBS. It was the Wednesday morning before the VBS started and Erin and I decided to take a power nap so that we could be extra energized for the upcoming day. While we were resting Wally (Our Leader) was organizing supplies. As we were about to sleep he picked up a gooey toy spider and in a snobby teenage tone said "ew." then he picked up a second spider and said "Double ew." and walked away. Erin and I sat there for a couple moments pondering what had just happened. We weren't sure if we should laugh or not. I slipped out a giggle and then Erin burst out laughing. Soon we were both there laughing as hard as we could at what had just progressed before our eyes. For the rest of the week we "Double Ew'd" everything and didn't pass up a chance to tell the hilarious story.

So anyway I have a couple photo's and stuff from the cottage and I'll be posting them along with our cottage adventures. I sure miss it, but I mean it's nice to have Wifi again..

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