Monday, August 30, 2010

First Day of School

Hey so I'm back from my first day at school! It was really short (only 1 hour). I got my classes and I'm Co-oping with Nathan Livingston, the youth pastor who lives down the street from my school. I also have an art class and a spare. Probably the easiest semester on earth.

My second semester is almost as easy, I have philosophy, which I'm really excited for. I also have Performance class probably my favouritest class of ALL time! and I don't remember my other class because its really useless. I also have a spare that semester! YES!

I have NO math or SCIENCE!

This will be the best year EVER

Today after the hour of school was done a couple friends hit up Value Village for the 50 percent off sale! Alot of the merchandise was gone but we still managed to find some cool finds. But none of extravagent interest. Unlike Nolans light and Bens pyjamas.

After value village we went to Jesse's house for a swim and ended the day with mcdonalds! :)

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