Monday, August 30, 2010

He Doesn't Care!

I sacrificed my morning Starcraft for5 himand he tries to steal the computer and kill me using the age old 6+12dibs rule. at the moment he is trying tom take the computer from me! HELP!


He's done now.


He says he's joking.

He is my little, awesome brother.

We were having a very large stuffed animal fight. I threw the monkey, he threw the frog, I threw the mouse, and threw the other frog. Etc. Chaos insued. There was a fan on the floor. Many bits of bedding and couch cusions and pillows and the like. Now he tries to kill me. How is this fair?

Brb. I'm thirsty.

Back. I have peach juice (small heart emoticon).

Peach juice all gone :(

Anywho, today I am going to the beach. At the beach there is sand. And possibly goose feces. Geces if you will...There is water at the beach. Water to swim in on a hot summer day. Oh how I miss the cool breezes of Hawaii! And Northland! Alas.

My brother just played an abusive catapulting game for an hour. It was satisfying.

Now (as in not now but very soon) I must go deliver papers to indignant customers. I deliver the Sudbury Star. A waste of paper in itself. Run by incompetents for incompetents. Well, maybe not for incompetents...

I need a real job.

I also need $1,500. These two things kind of go hand in hand.

I just made an image 5,000x5,000 pixels. Its taking a while to Motion Blur. Renderring sucks.

Still haven't done papers...

I'm becoming increasingly selfconscious of the fact that I write in point format too much...

People suck. Not you people. Just people. In general. Liberals, usually.


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