Sunday, August 29, 2010

Of Camp and the Residents of Timmins

Oh Hai! Look at this now... I've actually taken the time to make a post!

Unfortunately, this will be the last one until I'm fully moved in to my new abode and settled into University life... So be sure to hang on every word and try not to fall asleep before the end of the next few lines! (We have reprogrammed some of the Angry Robot Gnomes to use large buckets of cold water in just such a case)

So Camp Happened. If you were to look up camp in the dictionary, some of the alternate definitions would probably be:
"Meaning of Life",
"A place where one may go and experience Awesome in a near material state"
"A Location wherein a individual may feel alive"
"See: Chuck Norris"

It was amazing. Really, besides the fact that there was other people there and I had to occasionally be social... It was definitely my favorite week of the year. So much so, in fact, that I've prepared a not-so-brief day by day log for your viewing pleasure.

Day I:
*sniffs the air* Do you smell that? That's the smell of anticipation in the air.
Or at least I assume it is... Does Anticipation have a smell?
Curse you lack of smelling sense.

Nolan, Ben and I arrived earlier then most everybody there, so we were able to sit down first and awkwardly pretend to get excited at every new arrival. It was good times. After we registered, we all got these name tags, so In order to clarify any confusion that might be present with people mixing me up with another blogger... I wrote down my name as: "Not Abraham Lincoln". I think that finally got Becky Cornthwaite to believe me.
In all though, Teams were formed, Messages were spoken, and good times were had all around as people did the whole socializing thing.

Day II:
I'm not sure why, but this is the third year running where i just get really depressed on the second day. I suppose it usually takes until then for me to realize that just because I can't fit in, doesn't mean I can't enjoy myself fully.

I was depressed, so I spent most of my free time learning Verses (In case your unfamiliar with bible camp, each team is tasked with memorizing verses to get the team points... Its usually worth alot more then the sports or challenges)

In the end... Pretty sure the highlight of the day for me was going to sleep at the end of the night.

Day III:

My Depression is now washed off along with the dirt, grime, blood, and scabbing material. I can go about being my normal Geeky self!
I also noticed something really neat today... People react differently to my beard depending on their Gender.
If it's a guy, then in the words of Nate Elliott: "It's like your beard makes me want to follow you and believe everything you say". But if the person's of the female Variety? They seem really disgusted and keep their distance.

I am SO keeping the beard now.

More Sports, Wide Game, Team Challenge, Night Game, Messages, People Being Social, and Mike Wright.

Also, I rolled off a cliff. My Shoulder complains much.

Day IV:
One of my goals at Youth Camp was to get to know some of the people I'll be going to University with a bit better. This was mostly a failure. Robert Pankiw was nonexistent at Camp, Pretty sure Lauren Woods is somewhere between the realms of being "Completely and totally repulsed" and "Scared" and If Julia Beerman was even at Camp, I never got to meet her.
I did, however, get to know Mike Wright quite a bit better. And despite how... "special" he can be at times, I look forward to attempting to be a nonstop source of annoyance to him in the future.

The Sports this year seemed really badly designed... We didn't get to play every sport or even play against every team.
And speaking of Sports, I managed to pay Nathaniel in caramel popcorn to help our team for a day... That was the worst bag of popcorn I have ever spent.

I also really started to wish people would stop calling me Ninja. I can assure you all, I am more comparable to a feral and discoordinated monkey with the IQ of a toilet.

Day V:
Ahhh Thursdays. Have I ever told you all how much I love Thursdays?
So much Awesome in one day, it's hard to remember it without just dieing from a brain seizure.
First we had the Taliban... Which was pretty much the Mink Cabin wearing their shirts like Turbans, and going around stealing stuff. Including Nathaniel Martin. (An eyewitness described his seizure as being similar to rape). So Mike Wright, having a brilliant-and-in-no-way-childish mind, formed Northland Anti Terrorist Organization (NATO) and took to the field of battle.
It ended as a giant battle with Fists, Swords, Waterguns and Lysol... I know somebody out there has it on video... If your reading this, please upload!
Anyway, that was the most brilliantly Childish thing I've done since I was 10. I regret nothing.

Baptism after that... A big congrats to all of you for taking that step. I hope it went better then my Baptism way back when... I had Water in my ear for a good 2 days after.

Next came the Variety night, which was pretty good... But in retrospect, I think Llama's in Hat's is best left as a youtube video.

Day VI:
At this point, everybody is having a hard time getting up, and breakfast is getting closer and closer to the timeframe of Lunch. Thankfully though, it's also the last day.

We had to take the docks apart as usual... But didn't quite have the manpower to move the heaviest piece on our own. Thankfully, Wally came around after that pretty much just tossed all the dock pieces onto shore himself. With one arm.
Go Wally.

The Mohawk fad reached it's height with the addition of Joel Black... I've never seen a cult grow in numbers quite as fast as this week. If we had stayed another day, you'd probably be looking at a group photo of all of us bloggers with Mohawks. Thankfully though, that reality didn't come to pass.

Next came the Banquet, and all of the amazing suits therein. Props to Brian and Nolan for most awesome garments.

Then, my very patient reader, came the worst part of camp: Goodbyes.

I almost got to skip it all too! I managed to sneak off to Ben's car and was just going to wait there until people were done repeatedly hugging eachother... And besides one awkward half hug, I managed to escape unscathed. I then fell asleep in Ben's car, and woke up 2 hours later to discover...
They were still saying goodbye.

: (

Post - Day VI:
We went over to Timmins before returning to Sudbury and stopped by Joel's place where I was introduced to what can only be described as a Demon hiding in the body of a young teenager... Timothy Black.
He was... entertaining. I didin't really know people could ask that many questions in a minute.
Right before we left, Joel proclaimed I was destined to marry Anastasia (This is where the term "I'd sooner kiss a Wookie" began to enter my mind) and began to make up for all of the awkward hugs I escaped at camp by attacking me with a quick series of Hugs. Or rather, I suspect he was attempting to extract my stomach acid by sheer squeezing force.

Then after a night's sleep... We hit the road and returned to our old lives.

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