Sunday, August 1, 2010

Old People

Sometimes it boggles my mind to watch what old people do for fun... Today I spent from 2:00 to 8:00 at an old people party. What they deem as "Party" is much different from a pop and chip movie night that us goodie-two-shoes teens may define the word as. The afternoon started by rounding up everyone and sharing old photos. After that an old person that I think is a relative got up and pulled out a mini tape deck and some sheet music. As it was my great aunt and uncles 50th anniversary he wrote a song about them. As he sang I thought it was a joke so I was laughing a bit... but I soon realized this was out of all seriousness... Well... I'm still not sure but it sounded like he was trying to be serious. 

After that we had a few appetizers and nonsensical chit chat, things were getting really boring. My grandma, noticing the lack of fun announced "Lets sing some more songs!". So there goes my far distant relative pulling out his tape deck and sheet music to start singing some more foreign classics that only the 70+ aged adults seemed to know. At this point I couldn't bear it any more and decided to play Frisbee with one of the younger grandchildren. He was 4 years old (I think) and seemed to be content in his Frisbee skills... BUT I totally PWNED him. As he realized he sucked at the game he decided he wanted to play soccer. As time went on my energy started to drain from the constant chasing and the hot sun. I suddenly came up with a brilliant plan! I started kicking the ball as far as I could so he would chase it and retrieve it (much like a dog). It was magnificent!

After that the meal was served so I was occupied for the remainder of the evening with food and the "Monkey Kick" app for Iphone, you can check it out here.

I also for the first time since "Finding Nemo" have enjoyed an animated film.. "Up" stole my heart as I watched it. It was the perfect balance between humor and plot. It was absolutely brilliantly set up and even though it was extremely sad it was overcome by the humor. At the end of the movie I was astounded, it was just so well done, that's all I can say. I exceptionly support the views of marriage in the movie (Probably the best part).

Anyway I'm off to watch another movie, YAY for holidays eh.

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