Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Starcraft & Alien Swarm!

So since I am in Sudbury for this week I figured I should post. I mean who really wants to read post from anyone but me, right? I am the best blogger! By Far!

Okay I am done with my egotistical(Cool, A big word) rant, but I will say it was very enjoyable.

And I am sure you all enjoyed it more then any other post as well... Opps! I'm sorry I said I was done! I'm done for real this time!

So yesterday was Monday!
And today is Tuesday!
Tomorrow is Wednesday!

Okay I'll stop being Obvious!
And tell you that on Monday Mr. Daoust came and hung out at my house all day and all night. We played a Myriad(Another big word) of video games.
We played Alien swarm, and failed... Then Zach and Matt came and helped and then we stopped failing, won and beat them aliens back to the abyss from where they came!

Then on Tuesday, Today, We played Starcraft all day! And I must say it is a very old game, and yet still an AWESOME game!

Ohh! And before I forget! You should download steam, if you don't already have it then go and buy Alien Swarm, It's free so you don't need to buy it. So there!

On a side note! Get ready For Moonlaser It is AWESOME!

Well I am off to Mikes house to play some more video games! COUNTER STRIKE HERE I COME!

Nolan Out!

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