Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Temporary Leave of Absense

Just thought i'd let ya'll know... I'm done blogging for a few weeks. Possibly Months.
That's right... No more will you be forced to endure my horrible sense of Geeky humor!
No more will you be subject to my simple one picture posts of absolutely no relevance.
No more will you be forced in epileptic spasms as you contemplate how incredibly dashing the author of such posts must be.
No more... For a long while.

I've simply run out of steam here... Day after day of writing posts that get increasingly less noteworthy. It's hard to justify my writing as it stands right now. And I also thought it best to take a break for awhile... Because see, were leading up to the launch of a project I'm calling: "Awesome 2.0"

Yes, you can interpret that as meaning a new definition to the word awesome.

And so I'll see you all then! G'day Internet Plebians and may you all avoid random abduction by crazed Martians in the meantime! (Hint: you can punch them in their antenna to make them blind!)

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