Saturday, August 21, 2010

Wash Day

IT's the Saturday afternoon that I have off before youth camp. I'm sitting in a pile of clothes and slowly sorting through the dirty and clean. I'm a person who just needs to pack EVERYTHING when they go away from home, my droors.. are empty. At least my room looks clean.

This was probably the most fun week of camp, I co-councelled with Thomas Vezina and we both just let our campers do whatever they wanted. Most of our nights were spent staying up till 12:30 talking, sometimes even Nolan would join us. haha

It rained all week which was a bummer, but it didn't hold us back at all. We watched some Tim Hawkins (Homeschooling C0median) and just sucked it up, playing most of our games in the rain.
The definite best part was teh surprise night game for the campers! We played mission impossible, a game where councellors catch kids sneaking across a feild full of obstacles in the dark. The theme was Russian army. We surprised them during their snack by shutting off the lights and storming the dining lodge. When they started screaming it sounded as if we were at senior girls... seriously. it was so fun just to see how much they all enjoyed it, and well... scaring the kids was awesome.
anyway Boston Pizza tonight for the pre-youth camp partaaaaaay!


  1. I know that posting stuff can get tiring, but the stuff you guys do post is always entertaining. Therefore, I'm giving you a blog award. You can check out the rules on my site and then just copy and paste. Enjoy!

  2. Well thanks... Uhm, we Accept, but on the grounds of not wanting to do any work, and hating forms like that with a passion that burns brighter then the twin sun's of a fictional planet, we may or may not end up reposting that.

    But thanks!