Saturday, August 14, 2010

Woot! Just WOOT!!

Sooooo........ pretty sure today was amazing. In fact, this whole week was basically amazing. why you ask? Well to start, it was hockey camp which means an abundence of gym, pool, diving boards, sauna and great dryland training. So yeah, that was hockey camp EVERY DAY!! But the best part was tonight.

We got into Timmins and went to Jesse's house for sauna (this was after picking up a LARGE amount of pop) We saunad it up and got it hot enough that the wood stove was a nice shade of orange. I think I may have some first degree burns. After the sauna we went in and watched a very....VERY cheesy movie. Now there were several things that made this movie awesome (it was not the acting). The first thing was that we watched the whole thing at 1.5 speed, this made for somewhat epic scenes. An example of this is a normal tap on the turned into a POWNAGE punch. The thing that made the movie the most epic, however, was the very first line in the credits.

"This film was made by 40 homeschoolers with some professional training"

Are homeschoolers awesome? I think we all know the answer to that one.

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