Thursday, September 30, 2010






Haha! Just kidding it was a scam email I got!

Okay for real, Who ever makes these scams really needs to stop because they are starting to get really annoying! And like come on who is going to fall for this piece of crap... I don't even play the Lottery! Ohh! Man I love Spam, I am going to Start making fun of some of spam emails I get!

Any ways Here is the Email!

Also see at the bottom, the name just above the Phone Number, Who is the Carole Machine, Robot Much? You could try a bit better to cover up the fact that a robot sent this email!

Well the One Million Dollars I get, I am going to put every penny I get of it to the blog! So when this money gets put into my bank account, expect big things from this blog! 

Anyways Thats my Email Spam Rant of the Day!

Nolan Out!

Scientology? New Fad or All Bad?

So the other day I was watching the new TV series "No Ordinary Family" a show about a family who endures a plane crash and gains super powers from the chemical filled water they fall in. It's pretty cool the first episode was Tuesday night at 8:00. If you're into to any sci-fi or superhero stuff check it out, it's really cool. They also sneak in a lot of good morals, and for once in a TV show the husband actually seems to appreciate his wife and doesn't make her seem annoying, unlike other shows like "According to Jim". That has always bothered me, most comedies have the family idea wrong.

Anyways, I'm watching this show and then a commercial comes on, it's all nice and friendly, the people on it are clean cut and successful, and then at the end it gives a link to I was sort of surprised at this. Now I don't know much about this religion but we studied it a little bit in my religions class last year.

Creation of the Universe?

According to an undercover article in The Independent, Hubbard stated around 1940 that “writing for a penny a word is ridiculous. If a man really wants to make a million dollars, the best way would be to start his own religion.”

Their equivalent to a soul is called a “thetan,” but beyond that is actually a “disembodied soul of alien beings that existed 75 million years ago.” Stay with me here. Especially if you are into Sci-Fi.

Xenu, an intergalactic ruler, was about to be removed from power, and he wasn’t having any of it. Instead, he got rid of the population that was planning to take him out by paralyzing and taking them to Earth (good old Teegeeack at the time). There, he loaded them into volcanoes, destroying them with hydrogen bombs.

Bodies gone, he gathered the thetans – remember, those are the souls – and implanted misleading data, such as all religions, into their memories.

The thetans began to cluster together and inhabit bodies of aliens that survived the blast (how they survived a hydrogen bomb, one can only guess). Voila! You have the predecessors to modern humans, and these thetans continue to move from body to body and life to life accumulating more misleading data along the way.

Only with auditing can you remove this data, and set your thetan free!

What you Don't Know About Your Best Friend.


Blog Drama

You know... Sometimes we just get a little ahead of ourselves. We make all these plans of going big, without really looking at where we are now.

There's been a little bit of edginess around the bloggers lately as we talk about where the blog should be going and what we should be doing now. We've even got a nearly heated Facebook message between us about it!

I've stayed out of that thread up till now, but I would like to officially post my response in a more artistic form.
I shall post my response as a song.
(Which I failed at singing, and thus removed my voice from!)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Achievements Reminder!



This is My late night post and it'll be just s short reminder that the Achievements do have a dead line to be in, that being October 9th.

And I have heard that there are some people working on them so just keep on being awesome and get them in as soon as possible!

Here is the list, if you missed them the 1st time...


  • Eat an Animal Burger from A&W.
  • Jump from something more then 10 feet high.
  • Have a Lightsaber battle with special Effects.
  • Make your own version of the Awesome Blog logo(Just send the picture to my email. No Youtube needed from this Achievement)
  • Ask a random stranger if they have read The Awesome Blog.

If you are working on them Let me know leave a comment!

Nolan Out!

Transports can be Hazardous to your health!

Nolan is Back in the house!

I am about to tell you about my adventure while walking home from work this afternoon!

I'll start by telling you about all the cool treasure I found!

  • Hub Cap
  • Garbage from A&W
  • Chuck Norris' Wallet
  • A shoe
  • A Gofer, at least it used to be a Gofer
  • A pair of pants
  • Garbage from Wendy's
  • A PAIR of shoes
  • A 2D Squirrel
  • Wings from the Gull of the Sea
  • Empty Booze Cans\Bottles
  • A guy on a bike
  • rubber glove
  • rubber boots

If I would have stopped to pick up all that stuff I could have sold it on ebay and made Millions!

Anyways as I was walking the last stretch of road before I got to my house I was texting, and I was texting some more... Then I looked up! And to my horror! I saw this giant mass of metal flying towards me!

HE WAS IN MY LANE, And I wasn't on the road, Thus saying he was also not on the road! But I stepped off the side and watched my death go flying by. But if I hadn't stepped to the side I would no longer have a life!

Well that is my adventure I hope you all enjoyed it!

Nolan Out!

Taylor Swift Impersonates Shakira!

This is such a good impersonation of shakira done by taylor swift! "Pure Awesome" if you love Taylooooooor!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Family Relation

So, what is this? Joel gets his profile jacked by some girl named Brook, Nathanial makes two posts that aren't in point format, and Nolan puts out a safety warning about texting? I think I must be dreaming hahaha. Either that or there's something going around and I missed it :P

So, I was thinking back to camp and all of the interesting conversations that took place while washing dishes. Now, one of the most notable was a time when Nolan and I were exceptionally bored. We decided to discuss what possible screwed up relations one could have. (a.k.a.being your own uncle and other such odd relations) We discovered that there were actually some pretty weird things that you could yourself! Now one that we were trying to figure out for the longest time, but couldn't, was how to be your own grandpa. We never did figure it out. Fortunately I have discovered the secret. It is in the form of this poem:

I Am My Own Grandpa

Many, many years ago
When I was twenty-three
I got married to a widow
Pretty as could be.

This widow had a grow-up daughter
With flowing hair of red.
My father fell in love with her,
And soon the two were wed.

This made my dad my son-in-law
And changed my very life.
Now my daughter was my mother,
For she was my father's wife.

To complicate the matters worse,
Although it brought me joy,
I soon became the father
Of a bouncing baby boy.

My little baby then became
A brother-in-law to dad.
And so became my uncle,
Though it made me very sad.

For if he was my uncle,
Then that also made him brother
To the widow's grown-up daughter
Who, of course, was my step-mother.

Father's wife then had a son
Who kept them on the run.
And he became my grandson,
For he was my daughter's son.

My wife is now my mother's mother
And it makes me blue.
Because, although she is my wife,
She's my grandma, too.

If my wife is my grandmother,
Then I am her grandchild.
And every time I think of it,
It simply drives me wild.

For now I have become
The strangest case you ever saw,
As the husband of my grandmother,
I am my own grandpa!

Generation tXt!


So today I realize that we text these days more often to people then we actually talk to people, with our voices, remember those?

Now I am not going to bash texting. No quite the opposite! I am may, kinda, just a little bit of a textaholic. I would text you from across the room for no reason at all! But it is fun and Over the last year of having a cell phone I have noticed a few habits that people have when they text, some good, some bad!

Next is just some rules, tips, and Hints to remember when texting!

1st off there are different section of texting I'd like to go over!

When To & When Not To!
Responding & Sending

When to(not) text: Don't text and read this post!

  • Texting in Church is strongly discouraged, Like seriously, your at Church to talk to GOD! Your friends can wait! And it's not even that long to go with out texting!
  • Texting at School is not recommended.(Unless you are texting me then it's cool)
  • Texting when someone else is already talking to you is RUDE!
  • Texting when you are part of a group of people hanging out, is weird!(Unless you are inviting more people)
  • Texting while playing Video games with your friends is just plan annoying. SO DON'T!
  • Texting in the washroom is weird and should be avoided!
  • Texting at the dinner table is also a No-No!
  • Texting at the movie theater is a moot point. Text as long as people don't get annoyed!
  • Texting while driving is not only illegal, but DUMB! SO DON'T!

Content: Like really, save it for MSN or Skype!

  • Break Ups
  • Break Downs
  • Telling that special someone you like them
  • Sarcasm is for real life
  • Swearing texts are dumb, you only have 140 characters use them wisely
  • If a conversation can't be kept going under 140 text, GO ON MSN!

Responding & Sending
: When to send and what does it mean!

  • Never text sleeping people, If you know they are sleeping, don't text them! They won't respond.
  • Just because someone sends you a text doesn't mean they like you!
  • If someone sends you texts ALL the time chances are good that they like you. But I'd still only give it like a 84.7% chance that they like you!
  • If someone doesn't respond right away it doesn't mean they hate you. Texts are like Visual Voice mail and not like MSN!
  • If someone doesn't EVER respond they probably think you are creepy, so try not texting them!
  • Don't waste a trip to space and back to text the guy beside you!
  • If you get a Text that is strangely creepy/weird/out-of-context from someone, They more then likely left there phone on the couch when they went to the bathroom!

Well right now that's all I can think of! If you have more Comment and inform the world!

Nolan Out!

Who is Tristian Haines?

So I was youtubing and I found this youtuber who was pretty cool, and then I found out he was like from Englehart! Coooooooooooool EH. Check it out here. Subscribe and support!\

P.S. he loves Jesus


hey readers, Joel here.

I just wanted to take the this opportunity to write about my bestest friend ever, named Brooke Johnson. I would just like to inform all of you people who don't know who she is, how awesome and amazing she is. If you would like some proof here is a message that was written by an anonymous source.

"Hey its brookes cousin(who shall be left unnamed) , just wanted to take the time to say hey, and talk about how awesome brooke is,. She has to be like the coolest person i have ever had the pleasure of metting nbd. anyway. she's so nice, and she is the best basketball player ever, well maybe not the best one ever but shes pretty up there. she is like pretty much my bestfriend and i seriously think that she has to be my all time favourite person in the world. ANYWYAS, i gotta go and tell Brooke how awesome she is. BYE

p.s. trust me, this is not from Brooke, even tho i am at her house and she is the Awesomest person i have ever met, I'm so glad I'm related to her.
p.p.s. i idolize Brooke Johnson."

I think that that's pretty darn accurate. and I would just like to say that :

I, Joel Black, second that whole paragraph. Well, I think that everyone reading has gotten the hint that Brooke Johnson is the coolest person I personally, have ever met so ill talk to y'all later.

Thanks brooke!

New Friend...?!

So I don't know if this has ever happened to you.

I find it kinda annoying.

And don't get me wrong I Love getting Friend Requests... Most of the Time!

This is from Facebook...

This is from my email...

I got all excited thinking that a long lost friend of mine was trying to add me on Facebook and reconnect and we would be great friends again... But No! This guy from Iraq added me, and I became sad!

If this has ever happened to you leave a comment and tell me about it!

Nolan Out!

Monday, September 27, 2010

What Is this?

Hey Guys Nolan's Back after a very fun and relaxing weekend!

I take the weekends off of blogging... And there is nothing you can do about it! Muhahaha!

Joel, Ben! You guys put me in a serious mood... WHOA!

Ben I very much enjoyed your post, it was encouraging and AWESOME! Also if you haven't read Ben's post GO READ IT! God truly is amazing and sometimes I wonder why I don't wanna do more for him or why sometimes I don't feel like reading my bible or stuff like that. Wow I am guilt tripping myself! God is Awesome!

Plasm 147:4 He counts the number of the stars; He gives names to all of them. 

See how Awesome God is! He Can count all the stars and give them all names. POINT AND CASE!

And Joel You posted a Video on Facebook about God's Love I must say I enjoyed it and it really got me thinking about how sometimes we like leave people out of stuff because they are odd,  weird, or obnoxious. Some times we won't even talk to people for the same reasons, when really we are all sinners and we all have some kind of flaws. Sometimes I think we forget that God really does love EVERYONE!

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.


Nolan Out!

Out of Context

Ello all!
Hope your all enjoying how active the blog has been lately... It's not too often that you see a post with More Comments then Votes! But it seems we've turned this blog into a bit of discussion board amongst ourselves.

Mostly, at any rate. Big thanks to Timmy and Anastasia for letting us know that other people still exist out there! In my mind, I am giving you both a cookie.

Anywho, I thought I should take a few minutes and stop working on Really Awesome Things, and give you all a brief recap on whats going on from my perspective of the world...
And what better way to do that then with a point form list of Out-Of-Context events and statements!

  • I watched Zombies take over the planet. 4 Times!
  • I have fallen in love!.. With the quality of Ben's HD Camera.
  • Geek's never get a break. It's like a full time job just being alive.
  • Julia Beerman is VERY afraid of the State of Nevada.
  • In Religion class, we discovered that there are more Jedi Knights then Scientologists in Canada.
  • Nolan likes to chase Foxes. Mike Wright likes to chase people who are chasing Foxes. We all like to laugh at both of them for being idiots.
  • My social level has increased by 1! I am now 85% more likely to apply the effect "inspire boredom" instead of my old 98% chance of casting: "cause revulsion" (Next level, I gain the "Salvage Conversation" ability! I can't wait!)

Oh! And just to appease Joel by speaking in his language, here's a youtube Video!
Anybody who was at the RE marathon might enjoy this:



So last thursday I went to a TO TELL concert! And he asked for a last name, and so I gave him mine, and he sang about the BLACKS! It was pretty Epic. The singer seemed to enjoy me and Thomas Vezina's dancing skills. Yeah we're pretty professional.

It was the second time seeing them in concert and he asked if anyone ever saw them in concert, and last time I had blindfolded him for a blind piano playing stunt he does. So I thought it would be smart to yell out "I BLINDFOLDED YOU!" Awkwardness. But he laughed and said "that wooon't be happening tonight" in a sketchy voice, because he did the stunt later in the show.

Their a band from London Ontario check them out here.

Also Check out the Levi denbok Band! The lead singer goes to Bible College with Beatrice!

Look at this, why? cause its AWESOME!!

Most of the posts that are posted on this blog are for pure entertainment value. But, each one of us share a personal relationship with God.

As some encouragement to all the Christians out there, and a glimpse of what God is like for those who don't know him. I would like to share these videos with you.

The first is a simple collection of letters written by children to God. I found it kinda cute.

The second is a compilation of different verses from the Bible put together into a letter, I found this to be very uplifting.

enjoy and God bless :)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Still in Ottawa...STILL

Today is Sunday.

Sunday in Ottawa is the day where we go to Rideauview Bible Chapel.

It was a good time.

Also, Joel, your grandma is AWESOME!

Yes, I was talking with the grandmother of our beloved blogger, Joel Black.

She is really Awesome.

I'm trying to break out of point format.

AND SO! Paragraph format takes over. Carefully worded walls of text will replace the comical points of Awesome. No longer will there be spaces between the sentences of epic. No longer will there be topic changes so sudden that even Michael Wright can't keep up! No longer will the forces of oppression persecute us without the consequences they so deserve! Today they will experience consequence in its full, dreadful form. We will render their debts paid. Paid with their blood and pain!


Back to point format?



Only the mentally scarring ravings of a rebel leader, inspiring the masses to rise up against the murderers who hide under the pretext of saviors.

Why did I just picture myself in the streets of Moscow, flaying KGB officers in public...

We must put down such anti-communist thoughts. I need a flaying knife and a sensory repression chamber. And maybe a waterboard...

It would be pretty difficult to flay someone. It's not like peeling a banana...I mean it's all attatced to soft tissue. You would need a really sharp knife and a lot of dedicated practice.

Why did I just picture myself in the camp of a Iroquois tribe...

iPod Nanos are ftw.

I must say, paragraph form allows me to be more expressive. Eloquence can be a beautiful thing. It also can be a shallow thing. A mere cover for a deeper evil or pettiness. A golden tongue may appeal to the senses but, with all gold, it will poison you after prolonged exposure. One doesn't have to be wise or even intelligent to be eloquent. All they need is the ability to remember rules and long words. Therefore, you can never judge an individual from their speech or dress. Just because their words are laced with splendor, doesn't mean that their hearts aren't laced with venom.

Or something like that...

Chocolate coat your words because some people are lactose intolerant and you can be really annoying to them because chocolate has milk in it which has lactose in it so that means they'll spend the next two hours sitting on a toilet hating either A) their deffective genes or B) you.

Most likely B.

My brother is planning on stealing my dear sister's laptop so that he may play a meaningless game involving small stuffed animals.

Actually, the game is pretty Awesome.


But I'm a man with Awesome facial hair so I don't think so. Right?


Tom Clancy is Awesome. I'm just projecting random thoughts into cyberspace for your enjoyment/amusement/pain.


Check Out Some of These Blogs

One way to make your blog more popular is to subscribe and interact with other peoples blogs!

read this homeschooling girls blog.

An Eccentric Cat Lover?

Just keep clicking next and browse through other users blogs.

Whoaaa crazy bike accident! Check it! Unless your easily grossed out!


Okay Nolan here!

I just got a great Idea!

Every 2 Weeks I am going to post a list of  "Achievements" for you guys to complete.

Now the rules for this are Simple and as Follows:

  1. Take a video of yourself doing an Achievement and and post it on Youtube.
  2. Send me the link of the Youtube video at
  3. With the subject "Achievement".
  4. Now wait.

I will watch and post the few best Videos of people completing  the Achievements on the Blog Every week!

I might even start giving out prises if this get popular enough!

Well I think most of you understand it!

So with out anymore ado here is the list!


  1. Eat an Animal Burger from A&W.
  2. Jump from something more then 10 feet high.
  3. Have a Lightsaber battle with special Effects.
  4. Make your own version of the Awesome Blog logo(Just send the picture to my email. No Youtube needed from this Achievement)
  5. Ask a random stranger if they have read The Awesome Blog.

Well there you go! There are your Achievements for the next 2 weeks! Go forth and Complete!

Nolan Out!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ottawa is a lot Like Sudbury...Except Not...

I'm blogging from Ottawa.

Can't really think of much else to say...

Maybe I'll do an actual log of my day?


In today's world we (the thriving mass of teenage life) often are awake to experience the first minutes of a new day. The null time between the sunset of one day and the dawn of another. This morning I experienced these precious moments again. I was inside a blue van, amongst my family, being driven by my father to Ottawa.

1:41 AM, we drive into the driveway of our hosts. I am quickly given the role of mule. Laden with duffles, I struggle down the stairs. The next few hours are spent reading (Cardinal of the Kremlin - Tom Clancy) in bad light. Alas, sleep drapes its smothering blanket upon me, and I can no longer resist (deep, huh?).

Morning. Maybe. Might be afternoon. I am awoken by my brother who is jumping upon me and screaming as if the legions of orcs are upon us. There are orcish legions running rampant in Ottawa, don'tchaknow. Apperantly there are bagels upstairs. I wave him away and get my book. Russian facilities are much more interesting then bagels. Eventually I am ordered by my father figure to get ready for the day.

I love showers.

I arrive upstairs just in time to read more of my book and eat a hard boiled egg and a bagel. Teh nom nom's are satisfying to meh stomach! More reading.
We are leaving? A hike with our hosts you say? Coolness! We procede to Quebec. A gorgeous hike ensues with only minor dermal scrapage. We return. More reading. Now I am upon my sister's laptop, blogging away.

Point format is so much more fun to write.

Back to having conference with potential advertisers...Mr. Toeman for one...

I guess the secret is out!


So I guess since most people know the new Domain name That means it is not a secret anymore.

And since this site is kinda up and running, Ish, I thought I'd let you see it

So other then the new Domain Name there really isn't much to report! Except for the fact that We(Being Mike) are making progress for the new site. I have seen some pictures of it and it is going to be one sexy site!

Ohh! I know you are also wondering when the date for the new site's launch, But I will not tell you, really the only reason I'm not telling you is because I still don't know what the date is... But not to fear when I figure it out we will set up a countdown timer or something, which will end with the new site launch and the start of "The Week of Super Awesomeness"

Also What do you guys think of the new Blog Domain Name? LMK!

Well that is really all I got to talk about to day!

Nolan Out!

Old Emails

Remember when MSN or Hotmail first came out? If you were like me, you would have been around ten years old. At this age many of us had thriving imaginations driven by cartoons and Nintendo 64. Now combining a childish imagination and a fantastic, new, and exciting way to communicate with friends and you get... Wait for it... Ridiculously stupid email addresses!

As I recall my old email was Whoa... I was so cool. And I really liked penguins.

Fortunatly MSN has created a solution to terrible email addresses. Check it out here.

Does anyone remember using myspace as a social network? It now seems to be taken over by the "scene" if you know what I mean... although many indie artists use it to promote their music, so at least its somewhat useful.

Now to the readers, it's time to get your feedback. Did you ever have a wierd email, myspace, or even facebook account? If so, tell me about it!

Here's one of dem written post things.

So, you or may not have noticed that I have not posted in a while....if you haven't noticed I am sad and feel unimportant :( either way my only excuse is that I have been waiting on my new computer. Why? well because my old one can't handle the videos. Like seriously it pretty much dies and makes me sad. So that is why I have not made any video's coughnolancough.

On to interesting stuff.......ZOMBIES ARE AMAZING!! I have discovered that there are few things as addicting as zombie movies. Seriously, the amount of people that are like, "I don't like zombie movies!!" Well just watch the resident evil series. I can assure you that it is rather likely to turn you into...well a zombie movie zombie! We just watched through the first three movies last night, and intend to watch the next one in the next day or two.

Here's an interesting situation for all you zombie lovers out there.

Your stuck in a zombie apocalypse! What weapons would you wield? You are only permitted:

1 firearm (unless they are pistols or of similar size to a pistol)

1 melee weapon

and whether you would travel alone or in a group.

Here's my personal selection:

Firearm: pump action 12 gauge shotgun

melee weapon: One shinny aluminum bat (for that PING!! effect)

Small group of 3-4 people, able to hold off small hordes and decisions are made quickly.

Post yours in a comment below:

Friday, September 24, 2010

To All The Blog Readers In The Nation


I stole Dan Johns MSN name, but really. This post is about getting our blog readers involved. If you read this post comment on it. even if you just read like half of it, just say anything or say nothing, if you don't have a google account comment as "anonymous" and then you can sign your name after your comment so we know who it is. Unless you don't want us to know that information.
This probably will fail, but its worth a try.

Our blog readers need to be more involved, I want YOU to take a step in making this blog famous. Remember, it's not the writers who make it famous, its the readers. So next time you see any post you like, comment on it. Comment on how it's written, what it's about, and what your view is on the topic.

As well as challenging the readers I also challenge my fellow writers. Our post topics must be reader friendly. To do this we must relate our topics to our readers. Get the readers involved in your posts, ask questions and demand answers!

Readers again I encourage you to respond, make a code or nickname and respond to our posts, we wait for comments so we can respond back!

If you don't know how to comment, just click on the title of the blog post and scroll down.

Mike's Guide to Dating


Jesse Fontaine!

My Dear Friends!

I come bringing grand news that will make the hearts of all men jump with excitement. Jesse Fontaine has been added to the list of Bloggers, But then again he hasn't been added to the list of Blogger at all, No he has a much more important job, He is the Blogs 1st Official Vlogger!

Here is his 1st Vlog!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Awesome Blogs?


So today I got curious and started looking for other blogs who claim to be AWESOME

Now from what I could see there are lots more that I didn't feel like taking the time to go and find!

So there you go the secret is out... We aren't original.. But we are the most AWESOME!

Nolan Out! 

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Possibly the Funniest Video on Youtube


Beiber Justin


Did you know Justin Beiber is my codename? That's right! If anyone wants to mention me without anyone else knowing they just say "Justin Beiber" instead of Joel Black. Yeah so next time you hear a girl saying "Justin Beiber is soooo cute!" you know who she's talking about! Have you ever had a code or nickname? IF SO tell me by commenting below!

Today I skipped my morning classes because of sickness and lack of sleep. Instead of doing Drama and Art I groomed my cat... He has a huge mat of hair on his belly while trying to remove this I received a few scratches and hisses which eventually ended with a really bad haircut, on his part.

Speaking of cats here are some hilarious Fresh Step ads I found!


Some Pondering Of Deep Moral Truths!

Baha! If you really thought I was going to be Serious... Well you suck and should know better then to think that I'd write something Important! hehe! 

I'm annoying, the other bloggers can attest to that, It's kinda like the goal of my life. Make friends and then annoy them, but not to annoy them as to force them to not be friends any more. So becoming my friend is kinda like a trap of never ending torment for you, and never ending enjoyment for me... I WIN!


Awesome 2.0 is well on its way to being more then just an Idea. Also guys we may want to think of a new code name,  Breanna Broughton brought it to my attention that J***** B*****'s(I don't swear) new album is titled 2.0, Just say'n...

 But on a another note I'm going to let you in on a few secrets about Awesome 2.0

  • We have bought a domain name. This means no more .blogspot in the address bar! YAY! and for your information and because we know how cerious you are the new blogs address is www.*********.ca, funny it's the same as my password.
  • And yes we have changed our look a little. This means it is now MORE Awesome then this sites design by like 3.14 Times  ---> Click Here For Preview
  • Okay So for my last secret there will be a new feature for all of you people to enjoy and not just us... well I don't want to spoil the surprise on this one so I wont tell you anything more!

Well thats my Blog Update for the week

Nolan Out!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Polls make me smile inside!

Greetings one and all! Welcome back to the one place on earth that dares to answer those deep, dark questions that pervades the soul of every man, woman and alien hybrid in the ENTIRE WORLD... I welcome you to this weeks episode of Poll recounts! Returned from the grave like the reanimated corpse of everybody's favorite president.

(Where is that guy anyway?)

Anyway! Moving right along... We find ourselves with yet another week ending in a tie! Here's the results:

  • Timothy the Ipad - 3 Votes (12%)
  • Timothy goes to School - 3 Votes (12%)
  • Bible Timothy - 9 Votes (36%)
  • Timothy Black - 9 Votes (36%)
  • Timothy Dalton - 1 Vote (4%) 

Aaand, as per tradition, here's the facts we can gather from it.

  • The people who read this blog are too young to have seen many James Bond movies.
  • Timothy the Ipad gets no Love. This makes him sad inside... (He told me so.)
  • I officially have the "Timothy Goes to School" song stuck in my head.
  • Timothy Black and the Biblical Timothy are equally popular! Does this mean that there's a cult of Timmy worshipers out there?
  • It's really just sad that Ipad Timothy got the same number of votes as a cartoon character.

And there you have it folks! Join us next time for our first ever serious poll!

400th Post!


Nolan Out!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Prepare yourself... Tommorow is Timmy Tuesday!


Fall Classic!

So Fall Classic happened.
It was quite the weekend! But there's just so many different ways to look at it I suppose... So rather than make one long rant about every single angle, I'll just let you pick and choose!

Also, Sadly, this post does not work on Ipods.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Yay!!! fight number two!

Soooo last Friday we had another fundraiser. It was a good time! Everyone had fun and no one was hurt. Well badly anyway. hahaha

Is it Just Me or has Ben Turned Into Nathaniel?


So the farewells have been said as the Fall Classic ended...
It went amazingly well! The Speaker, Matt Reese was really good and did a very good job explaining things without sounding like a P.H.D. Theologian. The theme of the messages was "The Names of God" which at first I thought sounded like a Wednesday night bible study, but when we got into it, it was really good.

The Games were a little dry at first but ended strong with an all out Castle Attack game. We had to gather cardboard boxes from the middle and use them to build a giant fort. Then we were given water balloons to hurl at the other five teams forts. Unfortunatly ours failed even with Steve, Danny, And mines water balloon catching skills!
It was a great kickoff to the year and I caaaaaaaaaaaan't wait till SYC!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

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My Fingers can still type stuff!

You all might remember me... I used to post here way back in the day. Of course, this was around the same time all of our Dad's were playing pong or perhaps when Rome was still the major power in Europe. So you may not remember this.

But! If you do remember me... Hi there Internet Person!! And for the record, that whole burning of Rome thing was totally not my fault.

Anywho, Things have been really hectic around my neck of the wood. Nolan's been giving me a new project exactly once every 18.4 minutes, and I need to balance that all out with the occasional trip to Laurentian as well.

And speaking of said: "place of higher learning"... It's weird. It was a massive shock for me to go from homeschool to highschool of course... But once I settled into the whole routine of Killing Mexicans and not Socializing, it wasn't all so bad. But this... This is all a horse of a different color! Now instead of LOTS of people to avoid... I have LOTS AND LOTS of people to avoid! Some of them are even Friendly!

Sheesh. Friendly people! You make being Anti Social so difficult.

On top of that, I need to put up with one Michael Wright for copious amounts of time. And I don't think I even need to begin to explain why thats a bad thing!

Well Internet Plebians, my time is once again at an end. Keep an eye out in the future for more info on the future of this blog!

Everybody's Favorite Introvert.

Thursday, September 16, 2010



You know whats awesome? Every time I write a new title for my next post I get a list of allllll the old titles I have used. It brings back some found memories :D Remember when Joel used to make GOOD videos? When Nolan.....wel Nolans always failed, but they were good for poking fun at. Then there was that time that mike made that epic Vlog with the Zombies in it. That was EPIC!

In other news I have another fundraiser fight tomorrow :s kinda nervous, but not as much as I was last time. The first time is always the worst. I'm even going to have a rematch with the same guy I fought last time. Of course I can't really say I'm coming for revenge, or that I am defending my victory from last time, since there was no actual winner. I am very much looking forward to it and he is a great sport so it should be a great time!

Also to all you people out there that might be wondering. NO the answer is NO! I am not coming to Fall Classic. Call me a scrooge or lazy or whatever you want, but unfortunately I need to eat, and to eat you need money. and to get money you need a job, and to get a job you you need to apply....I NEED TO APPLY!!! So yeah, plus I have a match tomorrow. :) Sorry guys I will miss Fall Classic very much......

Let the Bodies Hit the Floor!!

The best video ever! Sorry to be posting so many videos but this I couldn't resist!

Please delete this failure at life.


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Nearing 400 posts!!

Remember when the Blog first began? remember how it somewhat resembled Poop? Yeah lets not think about that! Anyway, today I have come to the realization that there are few things in this world that I hate more than smokers breath! Its D-I-S-G-U-S-T-I-N-G!!!!! Like seriously! And the thing that makes it worse, is when you are partnered up with a heavy smoker and in close proximity to them for a few hours. I honestly don't see why anyone would think that smoking is cool. That's not the innocent little home schooled church boy talking either. Like nassssty stuff!!


Anyway, that's my rant for the day!

How has yours been?

Mine has been pretty great, at least this morning was. I got to sleep in until 11:30 and WOW! I woke up at 8:00 and was like blegh! but then I remember I could sleep for another 3 1/2 hours! it made my day! :D

Sleeping in = AWESOME

See Nolan I post!!!

Don't worry I sense some sweet videos. And no I don't mean YouTube videos.

Well...I guess they will be on YouTube, but they will be mine :D



  • If you drop a snake and an attorney off the Empire State Building, which one hits first?

Who cares?

  • A lawyer finds out he has an inoperable brain tumor.

It's so large, they have to do a brain transplant.

His doctor gives him a choice of available brains. There's a jar of rocket scientist brains for $10 an ounce, a jar of regular scientist brains for $15 an ounce, and a jar of lawyer brains for the sum of $800 an ounce.

The outraged lawyer says, "This is a ripoff! How come the lawyer brains are so damned expensive?"

The doctor replies, "Do you know how many lawyers it takes to get an ounce of brains?"

  • A surgeon, an architect an a lawyer are having a heated barroom discussion concerning which of their professions is actually the oldest profession.

The surgeon says: "Surgery IS the oldest profession. God took a rib from Adam to create Eve and you can't go back further than that."

The architect says: "Hold on! In fact, God was the first architect when he created the world out of chaos in 7 days, and you can't go back any further than THAT!"

The lawyer puffs his cigar and says: "Gentlemen, Gentlemen...who do you think created the CHAOS??!!"

  • "It was so cold last week that I saw several lawyers with their hands in their own pockets."
  • A doctor and a lawyer in two cars collided on a country road. The lawyer, seeing that the doctor was a little shaken up, helped him from the car and offered him a drink from his hip flask.The doctor accepted and handed the flask back to the lawyer, who closed it and put it away.

    "Aren't you going to have a drink yourself?" asked the doctor.

    "Sure; after the police leave," replied the lawyer.

  • Two law partners leave their office and go to lunch. In the middle of lunch the junior partner slaps his forehead.

    "Darn," he says. "I forgot to lock the office safe before we left."

    His partner replies " What are you worried about? We're both here."

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Biting my Tongue.


Anywho, a man walks into a bar.


When I went on stage, my friend told me to break a leg.


Painful gastrointestinal distress.





Shutting up.

Anywho, two men walk into a bar. The third one ducked.


So when I sat down to blog, I had no idea what I was going to blog about. I spent a few minutes on a useless point format tangent about pain and then decided to blog about my lack of blog ideas. No, not a lack of ideas about what to do to get this blog to make us famous and fantastically rich, a lack of ideas of what to post about. Perhaps the age old "Facebook is pagan". No. That's too age old. Maybe on how DARPA is developing mind control technology? Naaah. Too interesting. I know! Illustration!

I have recently discovered Concept Artists/Digital Illustrators. If only I could draw well. The level of realism that these people can acheive is astounding. It makes me want to throw my computer down a well and scream at the fact that I will probably never even be half as good. Yay.

The Wacom Cintiq. Now THAT is a shiny device. Picture an iPad expanded to 21x21. Now picture buttons on either side, and a scroll wheel on the left. Now make it a monitor, attatched to an artists computer. Give it a pen with extra buttons and pressure painting settings. There you have the Cintiq. Oh yeah. Make it $2,500. SCREW YOU, WACOM!




Okay are you guys ready to hear the Big News?
I mean it is really Big News!
Like elephants are big, but they aren't this BIG!
You know Jupiter, well, It's small compared to my Big News!

Okay I'll stop stalling and tell you!

THE WALLS IN MY BEDROOM ARE NO LONGER PURPLE! We have been doing some renovation in our basement due to water damage because the people who built our house are kinda dumb, please don't take offense builder people if you read this! We now have some weird beige colored walls, the can of paint says it's Eggshell Beige...

But what I don't get are that if you saw eggs the color of our walls they'd be rotten... Why must every color have such random names... Like Just call it "Beige" not "EGGSHELL BEIGE"... I think Crayon people have made it to hard on them selves trying to make names for the colors.

So besides ripping up my basement and other productive renovation type stuff I've still been doing nothing at all being board and watching movies or waiting for a good Conversation Via Text or Msn. So basically I have a lot of spare time. But that is all going to change next Tuesday because I got my high paying, respectable, and all other adjectives that'd make my job at A&W sound more exciting then it really is, Back! Isn't that Awesome! I know it is!

In other news as I have been reading the blog lately I have noticed a few things:
  1. Joel is forgetting how to write anymore, since apparently he can almost only post videos!
  2. Nathanael Seems to be getting better at posting, and is posting more often!
  3. Mike is Non-existent, But this is okay because he is working an Awesome 2.0!
  4. Ben is Ben and needs to make another post that is more then a picture!
  5. And I'd smack talk myself, but I can't go crushing my ego!

Well that's all I got for today! Till next time! Drive Careful!

Nolan Out!



Monday, September 13, 2010

Antoine Dodson AWeSOME!!


Sorry to Double Post, but I HAD to share this!

You Only Wish Your Families Were Like This

Do you ever meet those families that seem so amazingly awesome? those parents who just try so hard to be super cool, most of the time succeeding by embarrassing their kids.

Or on the other hand, do you ever meet those families where everything is scheduled and their lives are run like a locomotive with long skirts?

There's lots of different types, but what would you say your family is like? Cool and Collected, Loud and Proud, or maybe Disfunctionally Insane?!

If you ever feel like your family is too much, just take a look at these photos, everything will be allllllllright...
Obviously Of Turkish Descent.

Meet the Awkwardsons.

I can almost smell the divorce coming!

Apparently the bussiness is good at Single Twin Bars.

Improv Everywhere!

So I give credit to Nathanael for finding these videos.
These guys named "Improve Everywhere" do really awesome stuff and the best part is that no one knows what is going on! HeHe! Just Watch if you don't understand!

These three remind me of Disney movies! Baha! They're like Uber Awesome!

One word in this one I apologize for. But the rest is to Awesome to not show!

Nolan Out!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Nazis??....zombies???!......NAZI ZOMBIES!!!! :D

Thats right the only thing better than zombies is NAZI ZOMBIES!!!

Weekend Fun!

Okay guys!

I have just found out that I'm VERY much in love.

Yes it has dawned on me on this wonderful Sunday.

Seems quaint that I fall in love on a Sunday.

Not sure why it's quaint, it just is!

Friends, Fellow Frogs and Foes, I am in love with none other then -DrumRoll- Starcraft!

Now I know it was only the 1st Starcraft and all but who cares. Oh! For the people out there that don't know what Starcraft is, GO THE HECK AND GET IT! I have also found out that I suck at Starcraft. If I were Korean I would probably win all the time, But hence I am not, so I lose all the time!


Mom and sisters just got home from camp and the 1st thing my 5 year old sister told me when she got home was the delightful story about how they ran over a Porcupine...

Dear Dr. Phil
Yes we do torture small animals! No we don't smoke! Oh, and before I forget Dr. Phil, if you see Jack black tell him I would like 6 Chicken Nuggets but to throw 2 away I'm trying watching my figure! I love you man!

Yes I know you don't understand that last paragraph but it is kinda a result of us soundboard prank calling people last night. We are going to post some videos of us doing it so you'll get a glimpse of what we do on Saturday nights!

Well that's all I got!

Nolan Out!

Corey Spence Attempts 18 Stair!!!! And Chicken Walk

I usually hate falling videos but this one made me laugh, especially the part where he walks away.
Oh and how they're so hardcore that they're skateboarding outside Curves. Hey Mom!

Hurtful Words Make For Hurting Hearts

Hello, Readers (yet mostly, Anonymous).

I have come to you today to express my pain in the form of an eloquent post (or at least a mildly wordy one). At a time unknown to myself, Anonymous posted these spiteful words on my blog post: "Make real posts, nobody wants to read this crap." This hurts. This hurts deeper then you could know. You don't have a blog. Or maybe you do. Maybe you do have a blog! Perhaps you have a blog but you have no readers. Is that it, Anonymous? Are you experiencing the green envy that can cause so much grief in this world? Don't be jealous, Anonymous. Your day will come. Well, no. It won't.

The reason your day will not come is because you are a petty, unpopular individual. You have either A) no life or B) a shallow, unimportant one. You will make no lasting effect on this world. You will spend your days alone, surrounded by NPC's, wishing you were known by name to at least one more person! THEN you would be happy. But of course NO ONE will EVER know your name. You are Anonymous and you always will be. Pathetic and alone, hiding in the shadows. Wishing you could be almost a person.


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Stickmen Can be Compared to Art Programs

WOAH! I can make infinite lines stretching off into space!


So. Cool.

Did you know that Cindy Brady is annoying? Exceedingly so.

My brother is playing Pandemic 2. It's where you try and kill people with a homemade disease.

I should make an amusing and slightly relevant picture to right here...

Mk. So for some reason every word I type turns into a link. The one good thing that comes from this is that I now have green text.

This is getting annoying.

Also, back to the subject of stickmen. The stickman on the left is one drawn in a raster (bitmap) art program. The one on the right is one drawn in a vector art program. Exciting stuff, huh?

Nolan says some of my posts aren't good.

He will burn for that.

*Smiley Face Emoticon*

I stayed up too...early last night.

Nooo...I don't think so.

More people should read this Awsome thing.

I need to buy a T-Shirt...

Sorry, this post isn't very good (NOLAN).


Monkey face in green.


Tbop here?
Are you getting bullied?
Are you hiding on the school toilets to avoid bullies?
Are the lights being turned off on you while using the urinals?
Are you getting made fun of?
Are you surprised when all your close are wet when its time to change in gym class?
And are you feeling sad when theres no toilet paper on your roll?
Then watch this video and you'll be on your way to being BULLY SMART!

You imploded!!!

So today my brother and I traveled to my parents house. It was about a 4 hour drive which isn't all that long. While we were driving we discussed various things including a veriety of YouTube videos. Now, most of the videos that we talked about were music videos. I have come to the realization that YouTube has, in fact, imploded! I would say exploded, but thats just not cool enough. Anyway, if you think back and are older than 14 or so, you might remember videos like "Girlfriend" by Avril Levigne (remember her?). Now, this video had some of the most views, with somewhere around 60 million views. I thought this number rather incredible! Little did I know! Over this last year or two, YouTube imploded. Now theres a video every left right and center with a few million views. It seems the new chalenge is to break the 100 million mark. The thing that really brought this YouTube phenomenom to my attention, was the music video "Love The Way You Lie" by Eminem and Rihanna. In one month it amassed over 93 million views! Of course I'm sure that many of those views are from people who think it portrays their lives or something, and therefore feel the need to watch it a dozen times every day hahaha. But regardless, a few years ago it would have taken ten times as long to achieve so many views.

In Honor of YouTube I would like to present these interesting facts about our favorite video sharing site:

Febuary 2005 YouTube registers domain name and begins work on the sight

December 2005 The official launch, over 8 million videos watched daily.

July 2006 Over 100 million video views a day, 65,000 videos uploaded a day

May 2007 First known incident of a Rick Roll

October 2007 The Queen of England launches a YouTube channel

January 2008 10 hours of video uploaded every minute

May 2008 13 hours of video uploaded every minute

October 2008 15 hours of video uploaded every minute

May 2009 20 hours of video uploaded every minute

October 2009 YouTube announced more than 1 billion views a day

November 2009 Full 1080 P launched

March 2010 over 24 hours of video uploaded every minute

May 2010 YouTube exceeds 2 billion views a day.

YouTube is my hero! :p

Friday, September 10, 2010

Top Ten Reasons Why Being a California Girl Isn't so Hot


10. The Governor of the State is the Terminator

9. Seasonal Forest Fires

8. Impending Horrific Earthquakes

7. Studies Show California Will Eventually Fall Into the Ocean

6. 38 Year Old Snoop Dogg is Prowling the Golden Coasts After 24 Year Olds

5. Hundreds of Prisoners Are Being Released Because of Budget Constraints

4. Serious Gang Violence

3. Liberal Culture is Harbinger of the Apocalypse

2. Police Brutality

1. Pending War With Mexico