Thursday, September 9, 2010

Absolute Balderdash!

Dear Blog Readers this is an Important Blog post!

Pfffft! Yeah Right, Me? Serious? Bahahaha!

So this morning while I was looking through some old papers of mine I stubled upon some papers containing the answers from the game Absolute Balderdash... If you don't know what Absolute Balderdash is well go look it up NOW!

Anyways here they are! I would also like to point out that these are real answers I've gotten while playing

  • Acronym: S.A.I.
Society for Artificial Intelligence
Sasquatch Assassins International
Supreme Association Of Independence
Sudden Atmospheric Ionization
Social Accountability International

  • Word: Twangdillo
Blue Grass playing animal with a protective outer skin.
A fourteenth Century game where archers would drink alcohol and shoot at peasants.
Peaknuckle rhymes with Twangdillo(It's kind of like a caterpillar).
A gofer that sings country music.
The sound made by playing a Ukulele.
Armadillos Cousin from the west.

  • Acronym: W.O.O.C
Wookies Organization Of Constipation
Wyoming Orthodontist and Orthopedics Co-op
Watermelon Oxidation Organization of Candor
Women Opposing Open Criticism
Wildly Over Obese Canadians
Washington Organization and Operation Comittey

  • Dates: January 11, 1974
The day the Macintosh computer company was established.
The day the out house was invented.
The day Lynyrd Skynyrd wrote "Sweet home Alabama".
The launch of the fastest cruise ship in History: The Princess Anne.
17 years and 7 days before my best friends birthday.
The day the Hippie Chicks burned their bra's.
The day Waldo got arrested and got deported out of Spain.

  • Word: Splacknuck
Is the sound of taking a dump off a cliff.
The sound that is made when Chuck Norris punches you in the spleen.
The sound of a Norwegian fishing boat as it hits the dock.
A person or animal of odd appearance.
The sound a duck makes when it gets hit by a car.
The term used to describe hands are wore to the bone, Or when Chuck Norris roundhouse kicks the alphabet

Well thats is my Absolute Balderdash for the night!

Nolan Out!

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