Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Achievements Reminder!


This is My late night post and it'll be just s short reminder that the Achievements do have a dead line to be in, that being October 9th.

And I have heard that there are some people working on them so just keep on being awesome and get them in as soon as possible!

Here is the list, if you missed them the 1st time...


  • Eat an Animal Burger from A&W.
  • Jump from something more then 10 feet high.
  • Have a Lightsaber battle with special Effects.
  • Make your own version of the Awesome Blog logo(Just send the picture to my email. No Youtube needed from this Achievement)
  • Ask a random stranger if they have read The Awesome Blog.

If you are working on them Let me know leave a comment!

Nolan Out!

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