Friday, September 3, 2010

As it is Right Now

MY Mohawk. The front grew like an inch while the back pathetically falls behind.... So I have like the weirdest mohawk ever... Well not really, but it bothers me.. Just like the wallpaper.

Yesterday in English class we were given a short story to read, it was rather strange. It was set in the late 1800's in an old house. A young couple had just moved in and were set up in the top room. Now the class assumed that the house was a previous Insane Assylum, because the room had scratched and bite marks all over, and the wallpaper was half ripped off.

So you go through this story and basically all that happens is the woman sees "creeper ladys" in the wallpaper. Then as she slowly goes insane she sees them all over. Suddenly she believes she is trapped in the wallpaper and frantically rips it all off. When she does she crawls around the floor like a "Creeper lady" her husband comes in and faints and thats how it ends.

REALLY wierd.


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