Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Okay are you guys ready to hear the Big News?
I mean it is really Big News!
Like elephants are big, but they aren't this BIG!
You know Jupiter, well, It's small compared to my Big News!

Okay I'll stop stalling and tell you!

THE WALLS IN MY BEDROOM ARE NO LONGER PURPLE! We have been doing some renovation in our basement due to water damage because the people who built our house are kinda dumb, please don't take offense builder people if you read this! We now have some weird beige colored walls, the can of paint says it's Eggshell Beige...

But what I don't get are that if you saw eggs the color of our walls they'd be rotten... Why must every color have such random names... Like Just call it "Beige" not "EGGSHELL BEIGE"... I think Crayon people have made it to hard on them selves trying to make names for the colors.

So besides ripping up my basement and other productive renovation type stuff I've still been doing nothing at all being board and watching movies or waiting for a good Conversation Via Text or Msn. So basically I have a lot of spare time. But that is all going to change next Tuesday because I got my high paying, respectable, and all other adjectives that'd make my job at A&W sound more exciting then it really is, Back! Isn't that Awesome! I know it is!

In other news as I have been reading the blog lately I have noticed a few things:
  1. Joel is forgetting how to write anymore, since apparently he can almost only post videos!
  2. Nathanael Seems to be getting better at posting, and is posting more often!
  3. Mike is Non-existent, But this is okay because he is working an Awesome 2.0!
  4. Ben is Ben and needs to make another post that is more then a picture!
  5. And I'd smack talk myself, but I can't go crushing my ego!

Well that's all I got for today! Till next time! Drive Careful!

Nolan Out!

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