Sunday, September 26, 2010


Okay Nolan here!

I just got a great Idea!

Every 2 Weeks I am going to post a list of  "Achievements" for you guys to complete.

Now the rules for this are Simple and as Follows:

  1. Take a video of yourself doing an Achievement and and post it on Youtube.
  2. Send me the link of the Youtube video at
  3. With the subject "Achievement".
  4. Now wait.

I will watch and post the few best Videos of people completing  the Achievements on the Blog Every week!

I might even start giving out prises if this get popular enough!

Well I think most of you understand it!

So with out anymore ado here is the list!


  1. Eat an Animal Burger from A&W.
  2. Jump from something more then 10 feet high.
  3. Have a Lightsaber battle with special Effects.
  4. Make your own version of the Awesome Blog logo(Just send the picture to my email. No Youtube needed from this Achievement)
  5. Ask a random stranger if they have read The Awesome Blog.

Well there you go! There are your Achievements for the next 2 weeks! Go forth and Complete!

Nolan Out!


  1. Jump from something more then 10 feet high.

    This is probably not cool.

    P.S. there has to be some sort of leveling system for this stuff

  2. Nah! It's VERY safe :P I've done it before!

    And I'll figure it out :D

  3. You should switch it up and make the readers give YOU achievements

  4. Nolan:

    -Surf a 747 at 35,000 ft.

    -Drop kick a duck across the Mexican border.

    -Tell Bill Gates that Apple is shinier then Microsoft.

    -Beat Chuck Noris in hand-to-hand combat.