Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Dear John

As I sit here my mother is watching Dear John. There's a yellow Gameboy Colour in it, and the kid holding it definitely has tourettes.

My mom is reaaaaally bad at watching movies, she's seriously talked through 80 percent of the small portion she's watched.

Anyway today I got my courses changed for good. The selection I got is ok but it's not what I exactly waaaanted. First period I have Drama... it's a 4U course though so it's actually useful haha, and then I have 4U art and then 4U english. THEN A SPARE!

4U means Grade 12 University just incase it confused anyone haha

My second semester I have a third period spare. Gross.

It's almost as gross as this movie...

ANYWAY....I'm going to leave you with some MLIA

Today I read a bunch of MLIA`s about people who did cool/strange things as a kid. So, I asked my Mum if I did anything interesting as a child. She said that I got suspended from 1st grade because I (being the only one in my class with long golden-blonde hair) told all the girls that I got my hair from cutting all my old brown hair off, put it under my pillow, and the Hair Fairy gave me my blonde hair the next morning. The next day 5 girls came to school with very short bad haircuts. MLIA.

Our summer reading book this year was Wuthering Heights. I was having trouble getting through it, so I started reading it in a British accent. I made it through successfully and quickly, and I feel very confident about my test tomorrow. MLIA.

My 3 year old brother, my mom and I went to the grocery store yesterday and we were looking at a box of cocoa puffs. My brother picked it up, screamed. I asked him why he was screaming. He said that he was coo coo for cocoa puffs. Everybody just stared as I started cracking up. It made my day :) MLIA

As you can see, MLIA is a site where people just post random and silly things that happen to them during the day. Check it out!

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