Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dear money:

Oh money, why must you always have to be a part of my life? I work for you, and you just end up leaving me....again....and again......AND AGAIN!!! I can see why money is the root of all evil. Also, did you know that money is one of the most dirty things you will ever come in contact with? All in all, I think money is a horrible thing. Something that has plagued society for far too long. I therefore am willing to take all of your money off your hands and dispose of it for you! I know it might seem hard to grasp that I would do so much for you, but its for your benefit.....I assure you :D
Also, I know I pump the blog as much as I can, but seriously we bloggers are working very hard on A Blog of Super Awesomeness 2.0. The launch time has not yet been released....but more details should soon be released. Also, tell some people! We want to entertain you and get important stuff out there, but that's hard with no viewers. So tell some people, and give some input!


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