Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Generation tXt!


So today I realize that we text these days more often to people then we actually talk to people, with our voices, remember those?

Now I am not going to bash texting. No quite the opposite! I am may, kinda, just a little bit of a textaholic. I would text you from across the room for no reason at all! But it is fun and Over the last year of having a cell phone I have noticed a few habits that people have when they text, some good, some bad!

Next is just some rules, tips, and Hints to remember when texting!

1st off there are different section of texting I'd like to go over!

When To & When Not To!
Responding & Sending

When to(not) text: Don't text and read this post!

  • Texting in Church is strongly discouraged, Like seriously, your at Church to talk to GOD! Your friends can wait! And it's not even that long to go with out texting!
  • Texting at School is not recommended.(Unless you are texting me then it's cool)
  • Texting when someone else is already talking to you is RUDE!
  • Texting when you are part of a group of people hanging out, is weird!(Unless you are inviting more people)
  • Texting while playing Video games with your friends is just plan annoying. SO DON'T!
  • Texting in the washroom is weird and should be avoided!
  • Texting at the dinner table is also a No-No!
  • Texting at the movie theater is a moot point. Text as long as people don't get annoyed!
  • Texting while driving is not only illegal, but DUMB! SO DON'T!

Content: Like really, save it for MSN or Skype!

  • Break Ups
  • Break Downs
  • Telling that special someone you like them
  • Sarcasm is for real life
  • Swearing texts are dumb, you only have 140 characters use them wisely
  • If a conversation can't be kept going under 140 text, GO ON MSN!

Responding & Sending
: When to send and what does it mean!

  • Never text sleeping people, If you know they are sleeping, don't text them! They won't respond.
  • Just because someone sends you a text doesn't mean they like you!
  • If someone sends you texts ALL the time chances are good that they like you. But I'd still only give it like a 84.7% chance that they like you!
  • If someone doesn't respond right away it doesn't mean they hate you. Texts are like Visual Voice mail and not like MSN!
  • If someone doesn't EVER respond they probably think you are creepy, so try not texting them!
  • Don't waste a trip to space and back to text the guy beside you!
  • If you get a Text that is strangely creepy/weird/out-of-context from someone, They more then likely left there phone on the couch when they went to the bathroom!

Well right now that's all I can think of! If you have more Comment and inform the world!

Nolan Out!

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