Tuesday, September 28, 2010


hey readers, Joel here.

I just wanted to take the this opportunity to write about my bestest friend ever, named Brooke Johnson. I would just like to inform all of you people who don't know who she is, how awesome and amazing she is. If you would like some proof here is a message that was written by an anonymous source.

"Hey its brookes cousin(who shall be left unnamed) , just wanted to take the time to say hey, and talk about how awesome brooke is,. She has to be like the coolest person i have ever had the pleasure of metting nbd. anyway. she's so nice, and she is the best basketball player ever, well maybe not the best one ever but shes pretty up there. she is like pretty much my bestfriend and i seriously think that she has to be my all time favourite person in the world. ANYWYAS, i gotta go and tell Brooke how awesome she is. BYE

p.s. trust me, this is not from Brooke, even tho i am at her house and she is the Awesomest person i have ever met, I'm so glad I'm related to her.
p.p.s. i idolize Brooke Johnson."

I think that that's pretty darn accurate. and I would just like to say that :

I, Joel Black, second that whole paragraph. Well, I think that everyone reading has gotten the hint that Brooke Johnson is the coolest person I personally, have ever met so ill talk to y'all later.

Thanks brooke!

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