Saturday, September 25, 2010

Here's one of dem written post things.

So, you or may not have noticed that I have not posted in a while....if you haven't noticed I am sad and feel unimportant :( either way my only excuse is that I have been waiting on my new computer. Why? well because my old one can't handle the videos. Like seriously it pretty much dies and makes me sad. So that is why I have not made any video's coughnolancough.

On to interesting stuff.......ZOMBIES ARE AMAZING!! I have discovered that there are few things as addicting as zombie movies. Seriously, the amount of people that are like, "I don't like zombie movies!!" Well just watch the resident evil series. I can assure you that it is rather likely to turn you into...well a zombie movie zombie! We just watched through the first three movies last night, and intend to watch the next one in the next day or two.

Here's an interesting situation for all you zombie lovers out there.

Your stuck in a zombie apocalypse! What weapons would you wield? You are only permitted:

1 firearm (unless they are pistols or of similar size to a pistol)

1 melee weapon

and whether you would travel alone or in a group.

Here's my personal selection:

Firearm: pump action 12 gauge shotgun

melee weapon: One shinny aluminum bat (for that PING!! effect)

Small group of 3-4 people, able to hold off small hordes and decisions are made quickly.

Post yours in a comment below:


  1. That's a good written post der Boi, now git back to yer Booklernin!

  2. I be done all dat!! haha I am free! at least for the weekend.

  3. I would choose a carbine and a sword
    but like a light sword like a katana
    and i wouldnt go with anyone

    -Grant (He can't comment himself, bible colleges banned commenting on the blog)

  4. Dual Desert Eagle's

    Chain Saw or a Crowbar(Because I am a halflife fan)

    I would bring Chuck Norris with me!

  5. Handheld Nuke-Launcher.
    And a rad-proof suit...

  6. I would bring the elixir and a self-sacrificing Will Smith.