Friday, September 10, 2010


The secret is that my brother doesn't like cream cheese on wraps.

I am disgusted by his lack of good taste.

-If this was a vlog the epic blog intro would be here. But it's not so old fashioned text must be used instead. Curses-

Hello everyone! This is your favorite Runescape playing, 15 year old blogger with some random stuff. Or at least a bunch of SPATULA (see what I did there? Random.)

Did you know that you can clone yourself at Science North? They Macs. We love them.

I know this because I went to Science North today. At Science North they have animals including a porcupine named Quillan (Quill...haha...) who looked like he fell out of his tree. He was very flat.

At Science North they have Kinex race cars that you can build. I made one with purple squiggly bits (ew) that looked like a Zergmobile. It had no engine *Sad Face Emoticon* so I had to build an attachment that made me able to latch on to other peoples cars, transform (litteraly AWESOME) into a thing that had really long spikes at the front of the car so that I would touch the finish line first but under the other person's power. It was made of plastic.

I'm sorry! I'm writing a blog and I keep forgetting to check MSN...and no, my tiny Kinex car did not win :(

I made a very small car. Its claim to fame was through the fact that it was BLOODY SMALL.

There is a shotgun shell on the shelving unit. I kid you not. It is from Kansas where I shot a shotgun and hit a clay pigeon that doesn't look like a pigeon unless the pigeon was round and orange.

Help clean the city. Eat a pigeon.

Yes I AM blogging, Nolan, stop hounding me! *Bursts into a small, quaking mass of tears*

I think I'm going to post this post now and then continue to write it with edits...

I just misspelled "wright". Luckily I had editting on my side so no one will ever know! What? I just did wh - screw it. Editting sucks.

Labels (tags) are being used now I see. It is my only option to use them too.

IDEA! (ever noticed how IDEA looks like IKEA but not so foreign?)

People! Pick a random word and post it in a comment! I will choose my favorite random word and put it in as a tag (label). Also, rate this Pure Awesome and I will love you forever and ever. Maybe.

I don't know what to say anymore...

Twitter hit 150 million users. I wonder if anyone twittered that...

Facebook is pagan.





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