Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hurtful Words Make For Hurting Hearts

Hello, Readers (yet mostly, Anonymous).

I have come to you today to express my pain in the form of an eloquent post (or at least a mildly wordy one). At a time unknown to myself, Anonymous posted these spiteful words on my blog post: "Make real posts, nobody wants to read this crap." This hurts. This hurts deeper then you could know. You don't have a blog. Or maybe you do. Maybe you do have a blog! Perhaps you have a blog but you have no readers. Is that it, Anonymous? Are you experiencing the green envy that can cause so much grief in this world? Don't be jealous, Anonymous. Your day will come. Well, no. It won't.

The reason your day will not come is because you are a petty, unpopular individual. You have either A) no life or B) a shallow, unimportant one. You will make no lasting effect on this world. You will spend your days alone, surrounded by NPC's, wishing you were known by name to at least one more person! THEN you would be happy. But of course NO ONE will EVER know your name. You are Anonymous and you always will be. Pathetic and alone, hiding in the shadows. Wishing you could be almost a person.


1 comment:

  1. This made My Life! You tell the Anonymous guy who's boss!