Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I Dig Palaeontology. What?

So I was looking for a random word. A random longish word. Nothing like the non-abbreviated form of Teflon. Now that's a word.

Palaeontology. The study of ancient life.

What is technically "ancient"?

To me 17 is "ancient".

Is there a precise dating system?

Genesis 1:1 - 1 A.D. = Ancient
2 A.D. - Present = Just Freaking Old


In other news, blog etiquitte is a subject that should never become news but, in other new, has become news.


Oh. Yes. Blog etiquitte.


Rule 1: Don't post twice in a row. This is obviously just a desperate attempt to either A) fill a post quota or B) Get lots of attention and become the favorite blogger.

Rule 2: Never slander another blogger. Stupid rule.

Rule 3: Never say words that could be offensive to the reading audience. That's a load of SPATULA.

Rule 4: Do not try to sway the poll in a positive direction towards oneself, Nolan. (Also, never break Rule 2. The stupid rule.)

Rule 5: Don't make your blog post have massive pictures of Shania Twain or fecal waste. (This is a fairly new rule)

Rule 6: Don't rate your own posts. That's deception!


On the subject of tags (no not the amazing dog [one person {maybe two} may actually get this. The rest of you can guess]), why don't we use them? I mean, we want people to Google random things like, I dunno, Hippo racing (a few people will get this and one of them might be either A) flattered or B) screaming for recognition), and actually find the blog.

Head phones keep my ears warm *Little Heart Emoticon*

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