Saturday, September 25, 2010

I guess the secret is out!


So I guess since most people know the new Domain name That means it is not a secret anymore.

And since this site is kinda up and running, Ish, I thought I'd let you see it

So other then the new Domain Name there really isn't much to report! Except for the fact that We(Being Mike) are making progress for the new site. I have seen some pictures of it and it is going to be one sexy site!

Ohh! I know you are also wondering when the date for the new site's launch, But I will not tell you, really the only reason I'm not telling you is because I still don't know what the date is... But not to fear when I figure it out we will set up a countdown timer or something, which will end with the new site launch and the start of "The Week of Super Awesomeness"

Also What do you guys think of the new Blog Domain Name? LMK!

Well that is really all I got to talk about to day!

Nolan Out!


  1. Woo! except the symbol in the background is like islam?

  2. That's the Sickle & Hammer, my friend. Actaully, a symbol of Communism that was adopted by the Soviet Union and then copied from them by other Communist countries and parties. Nothing Islamic.

  3. Sooooooorry... don't go burn a Quran about it...