Monday, September 27, 2010

Look at this, why? cause its AWESOME!!

Most of the posts that are posted on this blog are for pure entertainment value. But, each one of us share a personal relationship with God.

As some encouragement to all the Christians out there, and a glimpse of what God is like for those who don't know him. I would like to share these videos with you.

The first is a simple collection of letters written by children to God. I found it kinda cute.

The second is a compilation of different verses from the Bible put together into a letter, I found this to be very uplifting.

enjoy and God bless :)


  1. That is a good post! not many like em.

  2. just goes to show that we do know how to be serious! :D

  3. Whats this "serious" you speak of?

  4. This post is the Awesomest one ive ever read! As christians, Jesus should be the awesomest thing in our life because He's done so many awesome things for us; Its realy cool to finally see a post about something thats really important :)

    - Becky C.

  5. RUINED THE MOMENT. sinner.
    Pagan scumm... Look i'm nathaniel.
    Thanks Becky!
    sorry mike i love you